Best non-creasing dress materials

There is nothing worse than a creased and wrinkled dress, after you get out of the car or leave the table. You can prevent this, by choosing a non-creasing material for your dress to be made of. Many different materials are being used nowadays to sew dresses worldwide. Some of them are natural, some are artificial or synthetic and some are made from a recycled mixture of both. Some of them are more vulnerable to creasing, some are less vulnerable, there are also materials that never get wrinkled at all. What is wort paying our attention to while shopping for such materials?

Non-creasing materials

Artificial material are less then others vulnerable to creasing, as they are being made of artificial grains like polyester or polyamid. But it doesn’t mean that you can only rely on these two fabrics while choosing your dress.

Polyester and polyamid are very resistant to external conditions but also to creasing. They are easy to iron and become dry very quickly. Many dresses are made of polyamid and polyester because this fabrics can come in many different grammage, thicknesses and textures.

But when we look for natural fabrics it is worth looking especially for silk and woolen materials. Silk, including veil silk is the best choice – it is delicate, soft and looks lovely. Wool despite its thickness is less creasing and doesn’t need any ironing. It is perfect for users who cherish simplicity and usefulness.

If you do not want your dress to get creased you should avoid natural materials such as cotton or flax. They are more vulnerable to wrinkling and tend to look much worse short after ironing. Creasing can be also a disadvantage of viscose knitwear after a long day at the office.

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Non-creasing materials can be easily ordered at has a wide offer of exceptional materials of different colors and patterns. At you can choose a pattern that best fits your sense of style from the ones available online, or request a custom one, as fabric printing is also an option. The possibilities are unlimited.

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