Is it dumb to spend $14,000 on a “smart” toilet?

$14,000 smart toilet

A Japanese company is making “smart” toilets that features comfortably heated seats that deodorize local air on demand. Its lid rises and falls based on proximity sensors.  The unit continually cleans itself, and auto-flushes. It also cleans your personal bits.  This could be the death of toilet paper.

Designed by TOTO, the Neorest NX2 claims to be the future of toilet systems, created to make going “pit-stops” a more pleasurable experience. It’s automatic functions make use effortless, and the auto-closing cover means no more arguments over who left the seat up.

The self-cleaning NX2 uses electrolyzed water known as eWater+ in its tornado flush to remove waste and sanitize the bowl. There’s also a UV light that works 24 hours a day to get rid of any lurking bacteria.

One of the most revolutionary features of this toilet, though, is the ‘WASHLET’ technology which produces a “soothing, hygienic stream of warm water” in place of toilet paper and then dries you off automatically. Never buy toilet paper again! 

This hilarious promotional video shows the faces of users as they give the seat a test-drive:

But how does this perform in terms of energy consumption and water use? Across the Pacific, Californians have been “dropping a brick” in their toilets to conserve water. Elsewhere, industry leaders are considering what the “toilet of the future” might look like (link here). Meanwhile, the World Health Orgaization calculates that 1 of 3 people on the planet lack access to proper sanitation facilities.

You may wet yourself when you see its $14,000 price tag, but if cost doesn’t deter you, learn more on the Neorest NX2 h website, link here.

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