Ecofy your bathroom with these design ideas

natural bathroom design ideas for the ecophile

Bathrooms. It’s my favorite room in the house. It’s where I do my best singing, my best thinking, and my best cleaning. It’s also the room where we might get caught up in using a lot of cleaning products. Because bathrooms tend to be tiled and keep clean, we don’t need to worry as much about off-gassing products like carpeting.

I think the most eco-thing you can do for your bathroom is to make it one that will stand the test of time. Don’t go for designs of the moment, like dragon tattooed tiles. Save those crazy design inspirations for shower curtains, something that you can change every couple of years if need be.

We get inspired by bathroom design ideas styles from New York. If you see the plain white, sometimes black and white tiled floors in the bathrooms of New York apartments and hotels, it’s a style that has lasted for about 100 years. From the 20s until now. The important thing when choosing white is making sure you keep the mould and grunge out because it shows fast, which is a good thing too because mould, even in the bathroom, is not good for you. Caesarstone in the UK is a great design choice for bathroom worktops and surfaces. The gorgeous understated colors and lines are like a work of art that will surely last decades, if not a century in your much loved bathroom.

Other elements like wood stools and benches can increase your need for feeling nature in the bathroom and of course some detoxifying, beautiful plants can be a wonderful eco additional to any bathroom remodel or upgrade. We once had well-lit shower with sunlight and windows surrounding the tub in an apartment in Tel Aviv, and it was really the perfect place for growing plants. Also having a romantic bath or shower made us feel like we were out of the city, like in the jungle or in the middle of an island in Thailand.

Because our moments in the bathroom can be physical, visceral and contemplative, it’s important that you set the mood right. Don’t underestimate the power of a good candle to transform your bathroom from a simple sort of boring place to a new magical spot that smells great and feels cozy. Additional reading.

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