Can the Green Party make a difference?

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The UK is facing a general election on June 8th this year. Where does the Green Party fit into proceedings? What are the odds on the Green Party gaining any seats in Parliament; online bookmakers, Sportingbet will be keeping up with any waves in popularity now that the manifestos are all ‘out in the open’.

The ‘Green’ manifesto pledges to create more jobs by rebuilding public services, abolishing zero- hours contracts and ensuring that no-one works for less than a living wage. The democratic right to vote on whatever deal is negotiated for Britain’s departure from the European Union “should be provided through a ratification referendum that includes an option to reject the deal and remain in the EU”. It seems that the Green Party believes in the freedom of movement and the principles and regulations which protect human health, animal welfare and workers’ rights.

They also pledge that urgent measures would be introduced to tackle climate change, replace fracking, coal power and subsidies to fossil fuels with investment in jobs-rich renewable energy technology. To invest in warm homes for all and an industrial strategy to build resilient national and local economies. The proposed introduction of a new Environmental Protection Act would aim to safeguard and enhance the right to a safe environment, and a new Clean Air act would also be created.

With the current decline of the NHS service, the Green Party propose to roll back privatisation so that all health and dental services are always publicly owned and provided free. They believe that spending on mental health should be brought in line with spending on physical well-being.

Improvements to education would include increasing the number of Academies and Free Schools and reducing class sizes, whilst scrapping university tuition fees, funding full student grants and providing free local public transport for all young people, students and those with disabilities. Introducing political education and reducing the voting age to 16 would of “give young people a voice”.

Looking at the environment, they aim to tackle the impact of transport on climate change and public health by cancelling airport expansions and ending airline fuel subsidies as well as increasing incentives to take diesel cars off the road. Returning the railways to public ownership and investing in regional rail links would replace HS2 and other major roads programmes and housing changes would include rent control and mandatory licensing for landlords whilst building more affordable and socially rented homes and the promise to reinstate housing benefits for the under 21st.

Replacing Trident nuclear weapons system would, according to the Party, “save at least £100 billion over the next 30 years” and they will introduce a foreign policy which dictates a compassionate immigration and asylum system, making LGBTIQA+ refugees welcome.

Does this manifesto appeal to you? Which way will you, and the rest of the country, vote come June 2017?

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