The internet of eco-powered smart home gadgets

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With the advent of low-cost sensors and wide-spread internet connectivity, more of us are buying smart home products that can conserve and even generate energy. Many of these products are getting smarter, with the integration of the real and virtual worlds with artificial intelligence.

We’re in love with Smart Home products like Nest which can help cut your energy bills by learning about your behavior inside and outside the home, security companies like Canary that can detect leaking gases and environmental pollution inside the home (as well as detect intruders!), and super-cool eco-products like Eddy (built by flux), that help anyone, even those with a black-thumb, grow their own organic food at home.


You are eco-minded, but you are also current. You want to tread gently on this planet, but you don’t want to return to a cave. If you aren’t following sites like Product Hunt on a day-to-day basis, how can you keep up with bleeding edge technology built with sustainability sensibilities? Powershop lists the latest in energy efficiency and energy-harvesting gadgets that every smart home, smart camper, and smart body would love to own. Be surprised by showerheads, trash cans and gadgets that harvest energy from your windows.

We’ve covered products like solar-powered backups that charge your phone (and Lumos is on that list), but sophisticated people, demand more sophisticated devices. We want to venture farther. What’s on your list of gadgets now and in the future?

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