AIDS cured with Egypt’s magical “kebab” machine, army claims [video]

About 36 million people have died from AIDS around the world, with about the same number of people living with the disease. In a desperate attempt to regain the public’s confidence, the Egyptian military says it has invented a “kebab” like machine to cure AIDS. Oh, and hepatitis C.

Gen. Dr. Ibrahim Abdel-Atti, chief of the medical branch has announced on Youtube. “We defeated AIDS, and rest assured, we defeated AIDS,” he said at a press conference last week. “And indeed, I conquered AIDS with the blessings of my Lord, glory to him, with a rate of 100%.”

The pioneering method extracts the disease and breaks it down into amino acids, killing the virus in 20 days, “so that the virus becomes nutrition for the body instead of disease. This is a miracle in scientific research.”

He continues: “I take AIDS from the patient, and feed the patient on AIDS, I give it to him as a kebab skewer to feed on. I take the disease, and I give it to him as food, and this is the top of scientific miracles.”

“And I conquered the ‘C,’” Abdel-Atti added, referring to the Hepatitis C disease. “You will never find a patient suffering from the Hepatitis C virus after today, God willing!”

Some 8 million people in Egypt are living with Hepatitis C.

“This is the first jump, God willing. Conquering AIDS worldwide, conquering AIDS worldwide, God willing.”

Most people would find a cure within the prescribed 20 days, but for others it would take up to six months. Presumably time enough for the military to gain better control of the country, and to attract those seeking medical tourism in the faltering economy.

In a CCTV Africa report Abdel-Atti telling a patient, “Your lab report says you had AIDS. And now you don’t. You are cured.”

“We thought that until today, there was no cure for the disease,” said Dr. Nadia Ragab at a press conference. “But the research was so strong that our medical consultants gave us the green light for the human trial. We precisely followed the patients every three months. The results were astonishing to the extent that we had to repeat the lab work in different locations just to be sure.”

The device is called the Complete Cure and it works like a dialysis machine.

Meanwhile the science community in the rest of the world haven’t been impressed by Egypt’s bold medical claims.

University of Glasgow infectious disease specialist Emma Thomson told the BBC: “I can find no evidence to support the claims that this device detects hepatitis C or any other viruses as mentioned in the patent, nor any clear theoretical rationale for how it would work.”

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One thought on “AIDS cured with Egypt’s magical “kebab” machine, army claims [video]”

  1. Jose Garcia says:

    HIV is a retrovirus inserting its genetic code of the host. It has two stages, dormant and active. The immune system is then infected completely. Only a portion of the infected cells become HIV active. The problem we face today is that the medicine that fights HIV can never terminate it because when threshold go low to undetectable, the dormant HIV infected cells produce more of the virus.

    Folks, there is no cure of HIV. NONE.

    Got HIV? you better get treatment to slow the infection before it kills you.

    Sorry brah, you will die of AIDS…..

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