Isis Nile Cruise Ship Spills Diesel Into Egypt’s River, Contaminating Lake

nile cruise, oil spill in Egypt

An Egypt Nile cruise is synonymous with. A trip to Cairo and Egypt. You can’t say you have been to Egypt without floating down the Nile.

Egypt is not a country that is fond of reporting oil spills – whether they occur on the Red Sea, in the Suez Canal or the Nile. But it has managed to start clean up a worrying diesel spill into the Nile River, a spill which has leaked onto the shores of Lake Nasser, is reporting. The area is near the High Dam in Aswan region, and the Nile waters the breadbasket of Egypt.

Despite much of the government being crippled by ongoing conflicts and protests, the Minister of State for Environmental Affairs, Khaled Fahmy, reportedly ordered that the area be surveyed and the oil contained. Currently there are two marine vessels working to clean up the lake. That which didn’t evaporate is being sponged up, the groups and marine units working on the spill reported to local media.

Legal action will be taken against the cruise ship, the Environment Ministry promised.

Egypt. Agilkia Island (or Agilika Island) in Lake Nasser. Philae Temple of Isis seen from the Aswan Low Dam

Lake Nasser, Egypt. What you see is also Agilkia Island (or Agilika Island) in Lake Nasser, with the the Philae Temple of Isis seen from the Aswan Low Dam.

Just this past October oil spills were being detected in the Nile by cruise ships and local facilities dumping waste there. It was found contaminating the Nile in Aswan region, which then flowed onto  Luxor, Qena, Sohag and Assuit governorates.

A special unit has been formed to fight Nile River pollution and tourist ships are starting to be followed and inspected.

Update August, 2020: an oil tanker on the shore of Yemen can burst at any moment if international help does not step in.

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