3 Ways Eco-Consciousness can Improve Your Love Life

love peace hand holdingWhen you think of being eco-conscious, does your love life come to mind?

There are few things more natural than making love. For all the time we might think about it or dedicate to the discussion of it, how many of us consider the connection between the environment and intimacy? That is changing. As more environmentalists are finding their ‘E-Spot,‘ and learning about ‘Ecosex‘ – terms made popular by activists in the US – the message is being heard around the world: how we treat the planet and how we treat ourselves shows up very much in our most private experiences.

With spring upon us, and all that means for romance and love, here are 3 ways being eco-savvy now can improve your relationships for a lifetime.

#1: Nourish Your Libido, Naturally

Lovers in the Middle East are one step ahead of their US counterparts: The Mediterranean Diet is especially suited for a lifetime of sexual health and wellbeing.Diets rich in plants and raw foods are best for feeding the two organs we need to keep in optimal health for optimal lovemaking. These are the brain and the heart. The Med Diet, as it is known, is familiar to residents in many parts of the Middle East.

For more on how this way of eating is especially good for a man’s sexual performance, read here. Bottom line: Increase the amount of whole grains, vegetables, legumes and beans, low fat dairy such as kefir in your diet, and avoid high fat animal protein sources like red meat, and your heart, brain and loins will thank you for the longer haul.

#2: Play the Natural Way

The number one complaint for most women when it comes to intimacy is vaginal dryness. Lubricants are a robust business around the globe, but it is really buyer beware when it comes to the ingredients. According to one creator of natural intimacy aids, “90% of the over the counter lubricants contain ingredients originally designed to clean your oven or grease your car engine.” We don’t want petrochemicals near our sexual organs.

One better, more natural and healthy option is probably already in your cupboard: coconut oil. Caution: because it is an oil, it cannot be used with latex condoms. Read here for more on the ins and outs of vaginal lubrication that is more eco-savvy. If you want to learn more about how to shop for eco-conscious toys, we invite you to read here.

#3: Cultivate Pleasure, Naturally

This is really simple: natural pleasures are good for us. Spending time in the outdoors – hiking, swimming, or simply meditating under a tree, for example – is one way we can feel more alive and connected to the world around us. Spending unplugged time with our loved ones doing things that are fun and enjoyable for everyone elevates our moods too.

The point is that when we do things that feel good to our senses, we invite more ecstasy into our lives. So put down the cell phone. Shut off the television. Set aside the game consoles and give yourselves permission to do something a little on the wildside. Time spent in nature invites us to appreciate the world around us, and it connects us to our primal selves in ways that city life has shut down for many lovers. The rejuvation that comes from enjoying natural pleasures can lead to natural delights.

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Tinamarie is a relationship & environmental blogger & intimacy coach who helps women over 35 experience sensational intimate relationships, naturally. You can reach her at [email protected]

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