Turn Disposable Water Bottle into Pencil Case: Upcycling Tutorial

pencil case plastic bottle tutorialNow that the kids are back at school, time to go green and continue the celebrations with this back-to-school tutorial. Parents will need to help with this one.

This time of year with kids returning to school, many go on shopping spree spending lots of money on branded notebooks, agendas, and bags.

But why not for a craft and green option for a pencil case?

I’m all for using a reusable personal water bottle filled with tap water, but there are still plenty disposable plastic bottles around, so here is the step by step tutorial how to upcycle it to a cool pencil case!

Crafting has many benefits, in this case not only you are making your own personalised creation – using a water bottle allows for additional benefit: it’s transparent so you can easily see what’s inside your case. See below for instructions.

Tools and materials

– Small water bottle
– Decorating materials of your choice: markers, stickers, fabric left overs, etc.
– Zipper matching the bottle’s diameter (20cm length would do )
– Craft Glue UHU or similar
– Cutting knife
– Scissors

Step 1.
Remove all tags / stickers from the bottle, make sure it is clean & dry.

Step 2.
Decorate the bottle.
Use permanent markers, stickers or cut-out, colourful bands, write your name – whatever you feel like!
Keep a clear undecorated strip at the bottom of the bottle.

make pencil case upcycled water bottle

make pencil case upcycled water bottle

Step 3.
Glue the zipper around the bottom (undecorated) strip of the bottle.
Wait till the glue is completely dry.

make pencil case upcycled water bottle

Step 4. Adults assistance required
Open the zipper, place the cutting knife between the zipper’s teeth and cut through the bottle.
You may switch to scissors at this point if more comfortable, in any case keep cutting till the bottle is cut all around.

make pencil case upcycled water bottle

That’s it – you pencil case is ready to use.You can make more cases, for your coloured pencils or crayons keeping your work space nice and organised this way.

Have a successful and green back -to – school!

ayakaya aya kaya sustainable designThis post is brought to you by Aya Tager, of AyaKaya Sustainable Design

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