Paper Made From Sewage Rolls off Israeli Shelves

recycling, wastewater treatment, paper, sewage, Israel, cleantech, water issuesEventually the paper you write on could come from a loo near you thanks to the company Applied Clean Tech.

We’ve reported earlier than Applied Clean Tech is creating fuel with every flush. Now the same company has developed a system that makes paper from sewage, Ynet News reports. Dr. Refeal Aharon from Applied Clean Tech said that 99.9 percent of what comes through the municipal wastewater treatment system is black and grey water, while the rest is a mixture of solid substances such as food waste, toilet paper, and clothing fibers. Once cleaned, these solids can be used to make cellulose, which in turn can be transformed into a whole new variety of recycled paper.

Dr. Aharon says that the process of separating solid substances from water and then treating it so that the water can be recycled is very costly. These expenses are then passed on to Israeli citizens in the form of increasingly high tariffs.

By removing the majority of solids before the water gets to the wastewater treatment plant, Dr. Aharon is able to reduce the amount of electricity and chemicals that is required to make purify and recycle the water.

Here’s how it works:

  • First it is necessary to separate solids from water
  • Then all the water has to be drained
  • The solids then have to be dried and purified so that there is no bacteria
  • The remaining cellulose is then sold to paper manufacturers

One waste treatment facility in southern Israel has installed Dr. Aharon’s system and paper from sewage is already rolling off the shelves. And remarkably, any size and thickness can be produced.

Not only does this reduce strain on municipal sewage plants, which could eventually translate to lower water tariffs for Israelis, but it costs less to make paper this way than it does to recycle paper.

It is unclear if any stores are stocking poo paper, but the next time you pick up a pad of paper, check the label. It might have come from a loo near you!

:: Ynet

Above image: Nature calls at the outhouse, Shutterstock
Lower image of recycled paper via Applied Clean Tech website

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3 thoughts on “Paper Made From Sewage Rolls off Israeli Shelves”

  1. boris says:

    I do not believe in concept of running out of recourses in near or even intermediate future, but in some countries that are poor on resources it will be cheaper to recycle than import real soon.

  2. boris says:

    I love that sewage is as valuable as oil. Soon, hopefully, people will start mine garbage dumps for fuel, water and chemicals.

    1. Thanks Boris. I think all that we now consider waste will one day become extremely valuable as we run out of other natural resources.

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