Pink Slime Phasing Out of US Food Chains, Will Middle East Follow?

pink slime meat beefLean, finely textured beef (LFTB) is really Pink Slime

First it was McDonald’s and other fast food chains that caught the flack for using the ammonium nitrate laced filler product known colloquially as pink slime. The giant hamburger chain afterwards agreed to quit using pink slime in their hamburger patties. We were able to find out that this product, made from scraps of beef and fat taken from the floors of slaughter houses and combined with ammonia to kill bacteria has never been used in Israel’s 160 McDonald’s eateries. Nor is it used in food processing plants that make kosher meat. 

All of this activity against the use of the pink slime meat filling product has occurred in the course of just over two months; and now due to such a large public outcry, large American supermarket chains, such as Safeway, have also agreed to quit using in their ground beef products.

The American nationwide protests against the use of this potentially harmful substance included the circulation of petitions against the use of pink slime in the school lunches of American children in which literally tons of the stuff had been approved by the USDA for use in school lunches.

The issue of pink slime in school lunches is still not resolved yet, however. This most likely  also applies to institutions like hospitals, mental institutions and retirement homes; and also to the US military, who also may be using large quantities of the product as well.

The good news about the cessation of using pink slime in large American supermarket chains was reported in ABC News and involves No 2. Safeway, No. 3 Supervalu, Foodlion, and also Wallmart and Sams Club who specifically state that they will now omit what is known as ‘Lean Finely Textured Beef ‘  (LFTB)  containing pink slime  from their beef products.

Another large supermarket chain, Krogers, has also announced the cessation of LFTB in their retail stores.

The Middle East may have been spared the use of this meat product largely due to regional dietary laws for both Jews and Muslims. We at Green Prophet will welcome any reports from our readers of the use of pink slime or LFTB in any part of this region. Information is seriously lacking. If you work in the industry, drop us a line and open our eyes.

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