Kuwaiti Musician Zahed Sultan Launches Eco-Electronica Track “Reuse Me”

music, electronica, Reuse Me, Zahed Sultan, Kuwait, art, culture, lifestyleZahed Sultan is an internationally-celebrated musician from Kuwait who also happens to promote sustainability!

Zahed Sultan is one of the most visible musicians in the Arab world. Not only does he enjoy a massive following on regional social networks, but he is also internationally recognized. One of his tracks was included in the Hotel Costes 15 compilation released on Sept. 26th 2011 and another was featured on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Season 5, Episode #519 “4×4.”

Sultan uses both Arabic and English lyrics and his style comprises a fusion between alternative and electronica music that have appeal across a variety of social stratums. But here is the most exciting and inspiring about the artist and social entrepreneur: his latest track Reuse Me is designed to draw awareness to environmental issues!

Inspired by Radiohead, The Gorillaz, Kanye West, and others, Sultan strives to create a unique sound that will distinguish him from the crowd. And he relies heavily on social networking sites to promote his message of peace, productivity, and the preservation of natural resources.

Reuse me is a scratchy track that obliquely emphasizes the need to reuse materials instead of trashing them unthinkingly. Both the chorus and the flashing vintage images on the music video are mesmerizing, but given my limited hearing, I’m uncertain how recognizable the song’s eco-slant will be to the uninitiated environmentalist.

Sultan has released his new EP to coincide with his annual exposition held in Kuwait every year to promote environmentally-conscious living in the oil-rich Gulf country. Called “The Designer as an eco-Friendly Activist,” this year’s expo will be held on on April 19th & 21st 2012, and the award winning Graphic Designer Tarek Atrissi will lead its various workshops.

Visit Zahed Sultan’s YouTube page to listen to both original tracks and remixes, and sign up for his newsletter in order to get a free download of his Reuse Me wallpaper.

:: En.v Reuse 5.0

image via Mouse Music, Flickr

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