Tal Gur’s Daily Chair Finds a New Use for Yesterday’s Irrelevant Newspaper

"Recycled newspaper chair"Yesterday’s news finds new use in Tal Gur’s Daily Chair.

The chair is perhaps the most culturally ubiquitous form of furniture, and so it is no wonder that so many designers try to put their own spin on it.  Among local environmentally-friendly designers we have already seen Junktion’s upcycled bicycle and window shade chairs, Amir Zinaburg’s recycled aluminum can chair, and Dosuno Design’s multipurpose Deckstool.  During this year’s exposition of contemporary design at Milan Design Week, Israeli designer Tal Gur joined other Bezalel Academy students and graduates with his Daily Chair – an elegant organic chair assembled from yesterday’s daily news.

"papier mache newspaper chair"Fashioned out of newspapers transformed into papier-mache and draped over a metal frame, Gur says that the chair, “made from the irrelevant yesterday newspaper, transform[s] and become[s] engaging again in its new life, as a chair.”

The Daily Chair participated in Promisedesign 2011, an exhibition of 50 Israeli designers and over 65 projects displayed at Milan Design week this past April.  The exhibition featured examples of experimental design, self-production, and production in small series.

"papier mache chair"Gur’s industrial designs have typically used plastic molding techniques, and so it is refreshing to see him experiment with the elasticity of paper – a much more sustainable material.

: Tal Gur

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Images via: designboom

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