Mushrooms that Support Breast Cancer Research?

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A fungus good to grow for sexual health: the company is donating 5% of their proceeds to support breast cancer research.

A California startup called Back to the Roots is now offering a grow-your-own mushroom garden kit that can be kept inside on a windowsill for anyone with a penchant for urban farming. Consumers from the Middle East can order the Easy-to-Grow Mushroom Garden online for USD 19.95 plus S&H. Besides putting the fun in fungus, mushrooms boost our immune systems and may also tickle a woman’s fancy, at least according to some ancient Egyptian and South Pacific legends.

According to our go-to-site for the sexual health benefits of foods,, mushrooms have been celebrated for their hallucinogenic effects across cultures and time. Women in particular are thought to respond positively to hormone-like compounds present in certain fungus. Whether or not the varieties provided by Back to the Roots will offer more than nutritional sustenance is not known, but we thought you might like to know some fun facts when you start your own urban sustainable love garden.

Growing these mushrooms is reportedly fun and easy. Just mist twice a day with a provided mister, and within seven days a growing mushroom garden should be apparent. From there the mushrooms typically double in size each day, eventually amounting to a pound of produce per crop.

Back to the Roots says eco-urban farmers can expect two and four crops per kit, and the soil — provided as part of the kit — is made up entirely of recycled coffee grounds; a local, sustainable and healthy alternative for growing your favorite fungus.

We like the fact that five percent of sales are donated to support breast cancer research, which makes this mushroom farm both tasty and eco-sexy.

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  1. I like Oyster, Volvariella and Button White Mushrooms.

    Ganoderma Lucidum grow aggresively without even taking care.

  2. Oyster Mushrooms contains good amount of protein
    for a healthy body. You’ll feel magical if you eat
    it. Try to grow in your own home and you will be happy you did it.

  3. I wonder how easy it would be to get some mushroom spores and to grow one’s own?

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