Israel Fire Still Raging Out of Control Friday Morning

Israel fireThe fire rages on in Israel’s Carmel Mountains, a nature reserve.

With untold damage to wildlife and one of Israel’s only forests, Friday morning in Israel a wildfire that broke out yesterday at noon, still rages out of control, picking up speed as it rips through the western part of the Carmel Mountains teetering on the edge of the city of Haifa. Fourteen thousand people have been evacuated and 14,000 dumans (3,500 acres) have been decimated. It’s the worst fire in Israeli history and international support including a pledge from Barack Obama has come in to offer to help Israel fight the fire.

“As rescuers, firefighters are continuing their work, the United States is acting to help our Israeli friends in this time of disaster,” he said during a Hanukkah lighting ceremony of 500 people at the White House.

AFP is reporting that offers to help Israel have poured in: “with Greece pledging to send four firefighting planes, Cyprus offering a helicopter and another firefighting aircraft, and Bulgaria reportedly sending 90 firefighters.”

Israel’s foreign ministry said it had also received pledges of help from Romania, Azerbaijan, France, Russia, Croatia and Turkey.

Friends from around the world have asked Green Prophet what they can do to help. Prayers, dear friends. Prayers. The fire has already killed 40 people.

Iran also suffered a major forest fire this year, due to increasingly warm and dry summers.

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Image via EPA/Oliver Weiken

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3 thoughts on “Israel Fire Still Raging Out of Control Friday Morning”

  1. Allissa says:

    I can’t read German, unfortunately, but I’m extremely curious of the solution proposed in the above link. I worked in fire in the states, and now focus on research. I’m curious of the strategy suggested, but also want to remind folks that our last 100 years of fire suppression are still exacerbating fire activity in many areas of the U.S.

    Fire is an important process needed to maintain ecosystem function in many regions- especially Mediterranean climates.

    I welcome discussion and thoughts.

    1. Fire is important under natural circumstances. A couple of points: it was started by humans, not by the sun. If we are experiencing drought as a symptom of global warming, this isn’t natural. And thirdly, the trees were not all indigenous species.

  2. Achmed Khammas says:

    If you have somebody to read German, here is a ‘forgotten’ solution for stopping wildfires immediatly – which was blocked by the anti-fire-planes industrie as I think:

    There are links to two articles (2007 and 2008) with explain this fantastic innovation by the Chief of the firebrigade in Frankfurt/M.

    All the best!

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