Golan Fire May Have Been Caused by an Environmentalist

Sadly, the source of the recent Golan fire in Israel (before the Carmel fire) may have been an “eco-friendly” Rainbow Festival participant. Environmentalists can get it so horribly wrong sometimes.  They may decide to buy certified organic out-of-season produce from thousands of miles away instead of buying local and seasonal.  Or they may ditch their […]

Initial Israel Fire Sparks Suspected Cases of Arson

It appears as though the Israel Carmel Fire sparked two cases of arson, stoking the flames even higher. After the first fire broke out in the Mount Carmel region, two additional fires in separate locations started consuming acres of forest land in Israel, investigators are reporting at a press conference. While the first large fire […]


Israel Fire Update: 42 Killed, Beit Oren Village Wiped Out

Israel may lose one of its most precious nature reserves to wildfire ripping through the Carmel Mountains, killing people, animals and trees. “We have completely lost control of the fire,” Hezi Levy, a spokesman for the firefighting service in Haifa told Globes business newspaper an hour ago, speaking of the fire currently destroying a nature […]