“Teva Ivri” Hosts Flood Festival to Give Noah a Break

noah arkIf you knew a giant flood was coming, what would you put in your ark?

Teva Ivri, a non-profit organization committed to Jewish environmental responsibility, understands that the Biblical Noah saved humanity and animal species from annihilation in a major climatic change with his ark.

And they want to give him a break this time around.  So they are hosting a Flood Festival – a Jewish environmental celebration – in Emek Refayim in Jerusalem this Friday (October 8th) to show others how they can do their own small part to help our species and our planet survive a potential future climate change.

The festival will include a variety of events, happening between 10am and 1:30pm, that are intended to help celebrate Jewish environmentalism.

The events will include:

A farmer’s market with an ecological orientation taking place in the yard of the Ginot Ha’Ir Community Council.

Learning together chai shop operated jointly by Teva Ivri and Ma’agalei Zedek.  Learning circles on the environment and society will be held throughout the festival for adults, with workshops for children as well.

The Flood Ahead parade where colorful and humoristic animals of the ark will take to the streets of Jerusalem and convince its residents  to take more environmental responsibility (and not leave all the hard work to Noah).

Sculpting of an environmental statue by artist Jonathan Segal, which will convey a message of species conservation.

Lectures will also be held throughout the festival at Cafe Ben Ami:

10:00: Rabbi Beni Lau – To Be a Sustainable Jew: Are We Sons of Noah or Sons of Abraham?

11:00: Dr. Michael Kagan – The Secret of the Jews: What We Have to Contribute to Saving the Planet for Future Generations

12:00: Community of Choice Panel – a panel featuring various members of communities on the subject of building communities, environment and society

13:00: Rabbi Michael Malkior – Looking from the Ark on Society Environment and the Treasures of Nature

For more information about the event please visit the Teva Ivri blog.

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Image via: Laughlin Elkind

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