5 Good Reasons to Eat Watermelon this Summer

watermelon painted nailsJust can’t wait to get your hands on some watermelon this summer? Well all for good reason. Image via dreamglow pumpkincat210

Summer is here, we are all melting in the heat and humidity of the Middle East, with our skin drying up so one of the main things on everyone’s mind is cooling down. And then out comes the watermelon, no matter how it is cut or presented this is a popular dessert being both sweet and refreshing. But did you know that it is also incredibly nutritious?

We are all well aware of the fact that watermelons are over 90% water with the remaining less than 10% being sugar. Like many other types of fruit, is a great source of Vitamin C, but there is a lot more to this melon which you might not be aware of, like Vitamin B6 and potassium. Read on. 

1. B6. One of the other vitamins found in melon is Vitamin B6, which is used by the body in multiple ways including manufacturing certain brain chemicals. This busy vitamin, working with other enzymes helps is beneficial to certain developmental disorders. As if that isn’t enough, it also reduces water retention, balance hormones and strengthens your immune system.

2. Potassium. By eating about 2 cups of watermelon, you are also giving yourself a good dose of potassium. This mineral is a vital part of water balance in the body and can help alleviate muscle cramps as well as regulate blood pressure. Two cups of watermelon are a good start, but this is will not give your body the amount it needs for a day. Some other foods rich in potassium are cucumbers, lima beans, bananas, tomatoes and oat bran.

watermelon in marketYou can buy a juicy slice at your local open air market and enjoy the refreshment. Image via Shoshanah

3. Beta-carotene. Watermelon has a high concentration of an antioxidant called beta-carotene. It is this which gives various vegetables and fruit including watermelon and carrots that strong red, orange colour. Beta carotene helps vision and relating eye problems as well as fighting various cold and infections.

Recent research shows that it might also play a part in cancer prevention; all in all, this is definitely something which your body finds useful.

4. Lycopene. This luscious fruit is also a great source of an antioxidant called lycopene. What it does is neutralise what are known as free radicals. Free radicals are partially responsible for issues with cholesterol and hardening blood vessel walls which can eventually lead to heart problems and stroke. Research in this area is still ongoing, but the positive impacts of lycopene are definitely being felt.Wa

5. Arganine and citrulline. One of the ways watermelon impacts heart conditions is through the content of two elements called arginine and citrulline. Together they help with healthy flow of blood which can reduce the chance of certain cardiovascular problems. Citrulline is also a great way of boosting energy levels and the function of the immune system.

Even if all this sound foreign to you, the most important piece of information to take away is that watermelon is more than just a great afternoon snack. It is full of vitamins which boost your health in a multiple of ways.

So enjoy the juicy slice and focus on the fun of fruit.

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