Inbal Weisman's Upcycled Fabric Owls Are a Hoot and a Green Prophet Giveaway!

toy owl dolls recycled cloth materia'sRecycled owls are a hoot. Win one in this Green Prophet giveaway.

Conveying a wise message of reuse that suits their owl-like form, Inbal Weisman’s fabric owls are made exclusively out of upcycled fabric and buttons. Hoot! She sources her materials from a variety of sources, including the open trading market at Nahalal, her grandmother’s sewing box, stained children’s pajamas, lining samples from furniture shops (used to make the three owls above), and a local studio for cloth bags and other fabric goods called “Talking Fabrics” in Nahalal.

(As a side note, the monthly free exchange market in Nahalal, which meets on the last Saturday of each month at the Yesh Meain ecological/agricultural/educational farm, attracts all kinds of ecologically minded folks and has grown steadily in popularity.  People who are concerned with responsible consumerism meet inside a mud and straw building to exchange clothes, school supplies, books, appliances, and everything else.)

cloth owl recycled materialsBut beyond creating her eco-friendly fair feathered friends, she teaches Israeli natural healing methods, using herbs and plants.  She integrates this practice into her doll-making by making some of her owls carriers for aromatic oils, such as lavender.  The lavender colored owl to the left also comes with lavender oil made in Nahalal that is meant to be drizzled on the owl’s head so as to spread the aromatherapeutic smell.

In her own words, “I find inspiration in everything I do.”  She enjoys staying at home to take care of her two kids, caring for her home and garden in environmentally sustainable ways, and visiting the trading market at Nahalal often.

Inbal is graciously offering one of her owls to the reader that comes up with the most creative packaging and/or fabric stuffing ideas (from ecologic sources, of course).  She would also like readers to write what their favorite owl is from her shop.  Please write your entries in the comments section below.

To see more of Inbal’s owls check out her Etsy shop.

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14 thoughts on “Inbal Weisman's Upcycled Fabric Owls Are a Hoot and a Green Prophet Giveaway!”

  1. lauren taylor says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I would like to know whether there is a possibilty for me to use some of your images off of your website for my ict controlled assessment as I have to find photos of upcycled objects and I really like the images on your website.

    Thank you

    Yours Sincerely
    Lauren Taylor

  2. icitea says:

    This might not sound too nice… but perhaps you could fill it with cat nip & a bell, as a cat toy. I'd feel sorry for the owl though ;_; Or maybe you can make the owls like babushka dolls; a tiny owl in a small owl in a medium owl?

  3. jerbi says:

    How about filling it with bird food, so that it can be thrown outdoors for the birds?

  4. Jonah says:

    Fill it with rice! Or stained clothing that were going to be rags anyway. Or dried herbs or lavender to make a little incense holder out of it.

  5. Efi Warsh says:

    Inbal's owls are perfect!!!The details, the colors, the elegance…Just perfect!!!

  6. neomi says:

    Beautiful owls! Great work!

  7. OrlyDesign says:

    Love your owls Inbal !!!

  8. Veroque says:

    They are so cute!!!

  9. Meital says:

    Fantastic owls! too cute 🙂

  10. Sigaliot says:

    What a sweet owls!I love Inbal's shop!

  11. dnicecraft says:

    Inbal's owls are very unique!

  12. Inbaliya says:

    thanks for the article!

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