Arab High-Tech Entrepreneurs Changing the Face of Nazareth

Galil Software brings high-tech opportunities to Arab engineers in Israel’s geographic peripheries Earlier we reported that Israel needs to pick up its cleantech pace. And sustainability is business means creating employment options for everybody, not just an elite few. Perhaps an infusion of Israeli-Arab engineering talent will help? This Israeli high-tech firm – unlike the […]


BrightView's Inline Quality Control "X-Ray" for Solar Panel Manufacturers

It’s like an X-ray machine for solar panel quality control. For hybrid cars, wind power, and solar energy technology, there’s more than just creative innovation involved in producing the batteries, generators and panels needed to drive the technologies forward. Reasonably-priced quality control processes are necessary so that the elements of new renewable energy technologies can […]


CartaSense Keeps A Tab On Pigs With A Chip

With today’s factory farming methods blamed by many as the cause of outbreaks like the swine flu epidemic now infecting people globally, it’s no surprise that interest in Israeli start-up CartaSense is running so high. The company has created technology that can pinpoint a sick pig or cow in real-time, and help the farmer isolate […]


Ekoloko Gets Kids To Save A World

When was the last time you saved the world? Or motivated your kid or kid nephew to think about positive action for the environment’s sake? Now, there’s a challenge. Ekoloko, a new virtual world merges two great ideas –– saving the environment and gaming –– with one thing enterprising young Israelis are very good at: […]