Tel Aviv's Studio Ubico Offers Funky, Fresh Recycled Design

Walking the streets of any modern city, you are likely to encounter wasted materials.  Materials that – with a little imagination, skill, and love – could be transformed into something beautiful and new.  Materials are thankfully being snatched up by design studios all over Tel Aviv in order to recycle and reclaim them.  Some of the studios we’ve mentioned in the past are Studio Mesila and Junktion.

We’re happy to add another one to the list – Ubico Studio in south Tel Aviv.

Founded in February 2008 by Ori Ben-Zvi, an industrial designer, Ubico is a combination design studio and small production unit.  The studio offers sustainable furniture made from materials sourced entirely from dumpsters, renovation work, and the streets of Tel Aviv.

As the studio describes its focus: “Our focus is on generating high quality design with good craftsmanship made solely of recycled and reclaimed materials.”

Bearing the label “100% recycled”, customers can check out where the materials for various products were sourced from via the studio’s website.  There are different labels for industrial waste, urban waste (found in Tel Aviv), and materials from waste disposal centers.

Check out the “Rin Tin” wash basin above, based on a used school desk bought at a flea market and refitted to contain a sink.  Or the beautiful “Batinca” gas stove top unit to the left, made of reclaimed beech and plywood (and perfect for tiny apartments).

To get a sense of what a work day at Studio Ubico looks like, check out the photo of their workspace looks like, below.

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