Tali Gordon Bleicher Puts Her Money Where Her Upcycled Plastic Bag Wallet Is

talie gordon upcycled plastic purseWe’ve seen the upcycled wallets that Tel Aviv-based designer, Amit Brilliant, creates out of product packaging.  And just a couple weeks ago we saw how Limor Matityahoo (aka EcobyLimitz) is exploring the use of fused plastic bags and plastic yarn to create mobiles and finger puppets and lots of other things.  And now we will meet another Israeli designer who is combining the efforts of both of those designers.

Tali Gordon Bleicher, a product and graphic designer as well as a teacher, makes beautiful wallets out of fused plastic bags.  Called arnakologis (or, “ecological wallets”), all of her wallets are handmade, one of a kind, and feature a unique collage design.

Tali uses the ubiquitous plastic bag as her base material, saying that “I find inspiration in the materials that are around me.”

tali gordon bleicher upcycled plastic purseHer love of eco design goes back to her training as a graphic designer, though, and she says that it was when she took a course on “Green Thinking” at the Holon Institute of Technology that recycling, reducing, and eco design entered her life.

Now she passes that information on to the next generation of creative people.  In addition to selling her eco wallets on Etsy, Tali teaches an eco design program on a high school level in Hod Hasharon.

Check out Tali’s Etsy shop as well as her webpage.

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