New Israel Fund Starts Tackling Environmental Issues

israel environmentThe New Israel Fund (NIF) has been the leading organization committed to democratic change, social justice, and equality in Israel since 1979.  Having been active in these fields for 30 years, it is now expanding its reach to environmental matters and becoming a partner in the Green Environment Fund.

The NIF explains on its reasons for joining the green cause on its website:

“Israelis have long had to balance growth with preservation of the country’s ancient archaeological treasures, as well as developing both industry and agriculture in an arid landscape where water is precious and scarce.  Today, environmental concerns in Israel, as in the rest of the world, are multiplying and becoming more urgent with the passage of time.”

The Green Environment Fund – an organization at the forefront of Israel’s environmental movement and the largest funder of Israeli environmental NGOs – has many partners.  Its main objective is to strengthen and professionalize Israel’s environmental movement, educate the public, and promote sustainable growth while emphasizing environmental justice.

NIF fellows and grant recipients have already been active in promoting environmental sustainability.  Next week, for example, senior Ministry of Transportation officials will meet with the mayors of 11 Arab Israeli towns in order to present public transportation plans for the towns.  The plan was initiated by an NIF grantee, Kayan (Being): The Feminist Organization for Women in Arab Society.

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5 thoughts on “New Israel Fund Starts Tackling Environmental Issues”

  1. Roger Jerez Perez says:

    “Yo, buddy…still alive?”

  2. Daniella says:

    Actually, the New Israel Fund has been supporting green projects in Israel and the Green Environment Fund for at least the last two years; I spent time at the Heschel Center through the New Israel Fund’s Social Justice Fellow in Israel, and as you mentioned this year they sent people to Adam Teva V’Din. So I say keep up the good work, but it is certainly not just “starting to tackle.”

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