Syria Suffers Water Shortage – More News on Middle Eastern Drought

water middle east drought photoYesterday Daniel wrote a sobering report on the increasingly serious drought conditions throughout the entire region.  Israel, Jordan, the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon and Iraq have all reported water shortages that are sure to affect both the environment and international security.

Sadly, Syria can also join this unfortunately long list.

Syria has been suffering from a drought for the past five years.   Like other Middle Eastern countries, Syria’s demand for water in the industrial and agricultural sectors, which comprise 90 percent of its entire water consumption, has increased over the past few years.  The severe lack of rain this winter exacerbates the problem.

Damascus already felt the impacts of the drought this summer, when the taps ran dry in many neighborhoods and residents of the capital city were forced to buy water on the black market.

Mufak Khalouf, the head of the Damascus Water Supply and Sewerage Authority, recently spoke at a special conference in Damascus, and warned that the city might remain without water. “If we don’t do something fast, we’ll be facing a catastrophe we have not witnessed for the past 50 years,” he said.

Although the Syrian officials have taken steps like developing additional wells and replacing pipes to prevent leakage and waste, Khalouf indicated disaster may be imminent if the country does not adopt stronger measures.

A study by Japan’s International Cooperation Agency concluded that Syria will have to spend billions of dollars to prevent a severe water crisis in Damascus. The Japanese government already funded a $50 million project to help replace 100 kilometers of piping in the city in 2004.  They also stated they intend to continue investing in Syrian water projects, which many include a $2 billion water transportation project from the Euphrates River to Damascus.

:: Ynetnews

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