Heschel Center Celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a Conference on Sustainability this Week

Green events are filling our social calendars this week – first there’s the Green Drinks event in Tel Aviv tonight (at 8pm at Gilda Bar on Achad Ha’am in Tel Aviv), and on Wednesday, the Heschel Center is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a sustainability conference held in the Tel Aviv Port.  Don’t worry, they’re on different days so you can squeeze them both in.

We already know how much fun the Green Drinks event is going to be, but what about the sustainability conference?

The conference program, which will run from 9am to approximately 7pm on December 17, consists of three parts.  During the first part of the conference, Professor David Orr (who is one of the leading international researchers in the field of environmental education and ecological design) from Oberlin College will talk about an optimistic prognosis for the future of the environment.  His talk will be followed by short discussions about cultural, social, and economic agendas for the next ten years.

The second part of the conference will include more in-depth conversations by thematic discussion groups.  Themes include health and the environment, urban ecology, green funding, sustainable design, eco-feminism, Arab-Jewish partnership in the field of environmental education, corporate responsibility, waste management, and sustainable transportation – among many others.

The third part of the conference will consist of workshops discussing proactive tools for change, and a summarizing talk by Professor Avi Gottlieb (the head of the Heschel Center).

We’re pretty sure no alcohol will be served… but with an agenda like that, who needs it?

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