Na Laga'at Brings Slow Food Farmer's Market to Jaffa

The Slow Food movement brought a farmer’s market to the Tel Aviv Port (or, namal) this past summer, helping city dwellers enrich their salads and dishes with some great local (and carbon-emission low) produce.  Now, to enrich our winter soups, the Slow Food movement, the Jaffa Port, and non-profit organization Na Laga’at are all joining forces to bring a farmer’s market to the Jaffa Port tomorrow, Friday December 26th.

The market will feature not only a variety of fresh produce sold directly from the farmers themselves, but also independently produced food items such as cheeses, tahina, halva, and more.

Within the framework of the farmer’s market, a tasting menu of dishes from some of Tel Aviv’s finest restaurants – Katit, El Babud, Carmela Banachala, Eucalyptos, Azora, and others – will be offered as well.

So why are farmer’s markets more “green” than your average supermarket?  Farmer’s markets bring together some great local produce, meaning your food has traveled less miles to get to you than, say, that avocado in the supermarket that may have been imported from South America.  At farmer’s markets, the farmers also sell the produce themselves which cuts out all of the transportation and packaging involved with using a middle-man, such as a supermarket.  As a bonus, you get to meet the people responsible for growing the food that nourishes you.

Farmer’s Market, Friday December 26th, 9am-4pm, Jaffa Port

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