Air Pollution from Transportation Costing Arab Countries $5 Billion

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Air pollution from transportation is costing Arab countries $5 billion in damages, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Minister of Environment and Water recently announced. The cost is calculated based on the number of deaths, medical care for health problems and chronic diseases that are attributed to air pollution.

The minister, Dr. Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahad, added that while the developing world is spending more than five percent of its Gross Domestic Product to repair the effects of air pollution, and proposes a solution that would involve developing the existing laws, standards and specifications in the UAE for fighting air pollution.

Unfortunately, the minister notes, health issues arising from air pollution are only part of the problem.

Its impact has not just been limited to human health alone, but it has also affected agricultural lands, forests, water channels, and marine environment. Some of the lakes in our countries have turned into acid quagmires and been rendered unlivable due to high pollution levels. The economy has also suffered a lot in the shape of a gradual destruction in infrastructure, electrical installations, iron structures…etc.

The minister suggests adopting modern scientific techniques and conducting in-depth research to solve this problem, including cooperation with other countries. If the UAE decides to turn to Israel for cooperative measures, maybe air pollution can paradoxically help bring peace to the Middle East.

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