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First of all, to those of you who have followed us since our humble beginnings (which were initiated, as so many things are, over cappuccinos late at night)–thank you. Without your readership we would not be able to continue to update you on the latest news, cleantech innovation, and cutting edge eco-fashions. Where else can you go to find out about a life-saving, inflatable skirt, and still get serious environmental news?

Now our co-founder and editor Karin Kloosterman shares her thoughts on Israel and the environment in an interview with the New Vilna Review. There are even some sneak prophecies foretelling what the future may hold for our site.

Sample quote:

“People have to stop treating the environment as though it’s something romantic. I think buying organic clothing and food raises the awareness of certain health and chemical issues, but it is not the solution. Consuming eco-chic fashion and high-end non-chemicalized food is possible for the people who “have” in our society, but sometimes I feel the whole business is detracting from the bigger problem. What about the have-nots?”

Click here for the full interview.

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