Guesthousing It In Israel: Get Your Eco-Farm On

Israel has a number of Eco-Tourism options. But we suppose, at the end of the day, it all depends on semantics, marketing and what one classifies as “ecological.” We are of the notion that an eco-trip could be as simple as a walk in the forest, basking in the sunshine at your local cafe, or a trip to the sea on your bike. Keepin’ it simple, and not traveling far, is very environmentally-friendly.

But if you must have that “Eco” seal of approval stamped on your next outing (and hey it makes good dinner conversation), try the website Ecotourism Israel.

We’ve covered a range of organic farm produce options here on Green Prophet (eating organic for cheap); and today we go one step further, by featuring four organic farms which offer guesthouse and overnight stay options, to boot.

The first is Bein Haruv Lezait Organic Farm and Guesthouse, located in the western Galilee, and tended by the hippie shakers at Moshav Clil. “Upon the hills, with a sea view, you will find a different place that believes in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere where you can sit back, enjoy the view and experience the “old farming way,” with our magnificent organic village,” they write.

Last we heard, there were no actual signs pointing to Clil, so best visit with an experienced traveler or a local.

::Bein Haruv Lezait (in Hebrew)

Bustan Peqiin Organic Farm and Guest House in the western Galilee area, offer their ecological and tourist farm holiday.

“After a short visit to Bustan Peqiin,” they write, ” after experiencing the silence, the isolation, the nature and simplicity, the things that we have forgotten about, the spirit of the Galil region and the holiness of Peqiin, each one of us finds their own meaning.”

::Bustan Peqiin

Lotan Center for Creative Ecology- Farming Experience is a great place to stop if you are headed down to the Eilat region. Based in Kibbutz Lotan, their guesthouse is part of one of the more hard-core environment groups in Israel.

Theirs, they write, “is a multi ecological programs experience center, which provide for you the ability to enroll in various ecological aspects, from organic farming and nature reserves, to true recycled art programs and green building.”

We’ve tried to call them to book a place at their guesthouse in the past. No one answered our call or email. Give them a try if you are lost in the Arava.

::Kibbutz Lotan

If Lotan’s booked, and you are still lost in the Arava, try the Desert Days- Ecological House & Art Workshops. They write, “Weekends at Desert Days includes living in an earth hut, eating by the fire, walking in the desert (next to your house), building and creating with earth.

“We invite our gusts to come Thursday afternoon until Saturday afternoon, to a double hut which fits 2 families who want to be together.”

Sounds cozy.

::Desert Days

If you’ve had an experience at an “ecological” farm in Israel, or anywhere, please share.

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12 thoughts on “Guesthousing It In Israel: Get Your Eco-Farm On”

  1. Dinesh says:

    I am an Indian, live in Jodhpur City (Rajasthan state). I have interest in organic farming, my farm ares is 25 hectare, and 30 cows and 2 horse and 2 doges in farm. I want to grow organic product in my land and develop one organic farm in my City.
    The climate of Rajasthan and Israel is quite similar. ISRAEL ( Promise land, Holy land) is and world number one country in organic farming that’s way i want to go Israel & learn their technique how they are growing organic product and how they developed organic farm after complete my traning period (sanction) I will come back to India & develop my organic farm and i will be host of wwoof in my city.I will teach people of India and other country people who want to learn about organic farming.
    Kindly tell me admission procedure & please send me MEDICAL FORM, INSURANCE FORM. I am vegetarian & I don’t like smoking and drink alcohol. how long i can stay their

  2. Naida Black says:

    I visited Israel last September for the first time. I had a ball! Saw that Jerusalem is very similar (elevation, type of soil) to where we live (Pahrump, Nevada). We would love to connect by e-mail to someone who successfully grows fruit and vegetables in this area. We are finding our fruit is very small and our vegetables are not as robust as yours. Our soil has NO iron and is very alkaline. It is also clay. We have 3 to 4 months of well over 100 degree temperatures. Any help on watering and ferterlizers would be greatly appreciated. You are the experts for this type of soil and climate. Thanking you in advance,

  3. Michael says:

    Avi Azruni please post contact information so interested parties can contact you.

    Kol tuv,

    Michael(seeking to volunteer)

  4. k anderson says:

    I wish to volunteer to work in Israel. Is this the right site for that?

  5. darot says:

    Its kinda cruel from the israeli to do such bombardment on fellow humans like them. Have they forgotten that once a prophet was raised among them and passed accross the word of the most HIGH. Where is the impact of this? Do they really Love him that pass them the message? because i know if he lives he wouldnt do wat they are doin now. He would forgive anybody of watever sins. Now look at wat is followers ave become after his death, he lives with them in spirit dough like they believed. Is it the same spirit that will wake up the dead when he lives that has commanded them to kill when they cannot awake them. IF u ave feel itches before, i think u should know hw bombing mst ave be unflinching these brothers of ours in GAZA.


  6. sophie lee says:

    To Avi Arzuni and family,
    I would like to join sometime this year. Please e-mail me to let me know more about it. I am 58 years old and live in the uk. I am looking for an opportunity to live in Israel and work.


  7. Judy says:

    For all those guest houses and places that do not answer emails and phone calls, arranges your trip to the small and unusual places in Israel.

  8. Avi Arzuni says:

    Hello , we are building an organic farm based on nabatian water fload orchird in the Negev (southern Israel) – We are looking for volenteers to work and stay with us .

    Avi Arzuni and the Family

  9. Daniel says:

    I’m a bit skeptical about Eco-tourism Israel, if only because they have apparently given a green seal of approval (I couldn’t access their eco-criteria) to at least one lone farm in the Negev – ones that were established without proper planning and approvals and for questionable political reasons. Israel has enough existing kibbutzim, moshavim and other rustic communities for nature tourism (as my 10 year-old daughter asked me at Rosh HaNikra a month ago, “why did all the kibbutzim get the good spots?”) that we don’t need to encourage new ones that are more about eco-selfishness than eco-tourism. I like GreenProphets recommendation about staying close by, not traveling a lot, and would add, take advantage of existing infrastructure. Keep it simple, pack out your trash, and don’t build a new farm in an empty wadi and call it ecological.

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