Can Israel Bag the Bag?

250_arava-green-prophet.jpgThe hot environmental topic this season, seems to be about banning the bag – the plastic bag that is.Zalul ‘s blog Clear has reported on it this week and has provided a link (in Hebrew) where you can sign a petition to get the plastic bag banned in Israel.San Fran has done it, so has China.Can Israel let go of its bag habit? Claudia posted her own personal experience with plastic in the shuk “Plastic for Free“, and we’ve noticed that everyone seems to be developing their own so-called “green” bag. The SuperSol where we sometimes shop in Jerusalem (and which someone mentioned in the comments), has just come out with an ugly red “green” bag – advertising the store of course – and for a mere NIS 3.Bio-Center has also developed its own version – see Green Israel.Personally, we like heavy duty cotton bags. The ones that your high-tech and doctor friends come home with after conferences. Look in your closet folks, ask your mom and dad and grandparents. Make your own, or if you must, buy them from NGOs who need the profits, like the Arava Insitute.

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