The Christmas Sale Just for Jews

jewish christmas presents for American ApparelWhile the Christians are busy unwrapping their presents around the world for Christmas, the LA-based clothing company American Apparel, decided to launch a sale just for the Jews who complain that the only thing they get to do on Christmas day is eat Chinese food and go to the movies. Lucky for the Jews, there is an American Apparel outlet in Israel on King George Street in Tel Aviv; and double lucky, the company carries an organic clothing line.

The “Stop Your Kvetching” sale at American Apparel is meant to give the Jews something to do on Christmas. If you answer the Hebrew school questions correctly (or not) online you’ll get 20% off orders over $75 on Christmas day. If you live in Israel, that doesn’t give much time.

It’s a silly gimmick, but it’s kindof cute.

The Test

1. A Shofar is: A ram’s horn blown on Rosh Hashanah
The wineglass ritually broken during a Jewish wedding
Yiddish slang for a hot older woman

2. What special Jewish liturgy is only repeated once every 28 years?
Sukkot, the Feast of the Tabernacles
The Birkat Ha-Hammah, or Blessing of the Sun

Hallel, the prayer of praise and thanksgiving

3. When is the Shir Ha-Shirim, or Song of Songs, publicly read at Synagogue?Passover
Valentine’s Day

4. Maimonides was:
The name of the old Jewish quarter in Berlin
A medieval Jewish philosopher
A mythical creature from the Kabbalah

5. The lighting of the Hanukkah candles are usually followed by:
The Ma’oz Tzur, a hymn remembering redemptions in Jewish history
The eating of bitter roots
Shopping for hot shorts

(We’ve given you some hints.)
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  1. Bernard says:

    i guess the above is what you would call the film version

  2. Karin says:

    Loved the movie Bernard. Thanks for sharing it…

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