Masdar City's Dream of 100% Sustainability an Example for Other Countries


Masdar City: A model city for sustainable cities of the world? Masdar City, that 100% carbon neutral eco-city being built in Abu Dhabi, is receiving well deserved attention not only from local environmentalists, but from many individuals and organizations located far from the unique ecological project. The city currently under construction by an international consortium of […]

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COP 15 Outcome: A Weak Climate Change Agreement, Disappointed Environmentalists, and "Oil Business As usual" in the Middle East


The glaciers are melting – and seas are rising – is climate change to blame? It’s over: the two week long COP 15 conference on global warming and climate change ended Friday night with a weak agreement to try to keep global warming temperature levels at or below 2 degrees Celsius, and to allocate a […]

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Greening Hajj and Madina for the Muslim World


Madinah’s Prophets Mosque:Roll out the green carpet and let the deep greening of the Muslim world begin. The Muslim Hajj for 2009 is already over, and most of the nearly 3 million participants have returned to their countries of origin. But even before the pilgrimage began, representatives of major world religions met in London to try to use […]

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Dow Chemical and Saudi Arabia's KAUST University Vow To Clean Up Environment


Dow Chemical Company, a worldwide leader in the global chemical industry, and sponsor of the 2010 Dow Live Earth Run for Water, has entered into agreements with the new Saudi Arabian King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)  for developing cleaner, new routes for producing chemical derivatives. The two are also looking into ways […]

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Lebanon's Harissa Forest Saved from Destruction by Maronite Church


Lebanon’s Harissa Forest is only 400 square hectares in size, but it is considered one of ten Mediterranean forest attractions from a sheer beauty and conservation standpoint. Located on a hillside above the predominantly Christian city of Jounieh,  the more than 1,000 year old forest had been threatened by real estate developers and construction contractors […]

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AECOM Teams Up with Ellerbe Beckett to Create More Sustainable Building In The Middle East


AECOM,  a known global provider of technical and management support services, including many environmental projects, has now teamed up with the Ellerbe Beckett architectural firm, known for its environmentally designed building projects all over the world. AECOM is a Fortune 500 country with more than 44,000 employees. It is in involved in more than 100 […]

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Sufis Are Islam’s Eco Guardians


“Defenders of the environment,” Shireen Qudosi explores the “green” beliefs of Islam’s Sufis. Sufism is the undiscovered sect within Islam known only through its most famous disciple, the 13th century philosopher poet Rumi whose work reflected strong themes pairing nature and spirituality.  Sufis, “heirs of a mystical ancient tradition”, helped propagate the faith to the height of […]

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Video: Meet Some of America's Green Muslims Fueling Change In The Middle East

Planting green roots in the Muslim community in America, this video points out the Islam-inspired Green movements in Washington and California. Like the Jewish eco-groups established for years already in the US, we see over here in Israel how the green values from America translates well to Israel. America’s environment culture has a positive knock-on […]

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Saudi Arabia's KAUST University Is Eco-friendly Environment For Fueling Academic Progress


 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may still be considered as one of the most conservative from a religious standpoint. But with the opening of the new King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, otherwise known as KAUST, a new era in academic learning, combined with new innovations in ecological architecture and design, has begun in which […]

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Meet Israel’s Green Bedouin Ahmed Amrani


The first thing visitors to the Bedouin town of Rahat notice is the litter. Household garbage lies strewn at the sides of treeless streets. When the wind picks up, plastic bags, newspapers and sacks billow across the surrounding desert wasteland. Discarded construction materials mar the landscape. “First you have to understand why they throw litter […]

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