Impact of Industrial Robots in the Food and Agriculture Sector

Flux developed Eddy, a robot developed out of Israeli military tech. The idea is to feed the world, using hydroponics.

According to the United Nations, Food security is one of the primary human rights. We all cannot live without food and thus, agriculture is the most important sector in the world. A failing agricultural system results in hunger and famine with the possibility of death. This means that we have to strive to protect and develop this field if we want to survive.

Technology has become a key pillar in ensuring increased productivity and sustainable food security. With automation recently changing how we carry out agriculture, industrial robots have had a great impact on the field. Some of the impacts include:

1.    Increased Productivity.

Robots by design, programmed to process commands and tasks way faster than the human mind can. This allows them to complete tasks that would take farmers and workers days, in a few hours if not minutes. This allows Food processing companies to process more products thus delivering adequate products to be available in the market.

When robots are utilized in the harvesting, planting or even milking of dairy animals, they are able to complete these tasks much faster compared to the human workers. This ensures more productivity on the farm and the factories.

2.    Reduced employee Injuries.

Whether you are working at the factory, farm or even the ranch, accidental injuries are almost unavoidable due to some of the working conditions. However, automation has allowed for robots to be deployed in some of the risky and dangerous working areas thus freeing the workers to be retrained in other important tasks in the industry.

The introduction of Cobots has eliminated the risk of injuries caused by traditional robots and thus allowing workers to enjoy a safe and enjoyable working environment with some of the Cobots working as assistants during difficult tasks.

3.    More room for Innovations and Ideas.

With the robots taking over some of the most mundane and repetitive tasks, the workers are relieved of these tasks and get the chance to learn and practice more demanding tasks in the industry. This environment allows them to come up with new ideas and innovations that will increase the industries’ efficiency and productivity.

The collaboration between these Industrial robots and farmers has allowed them to come up with modern ways of farming that have increased their total output and thus resulted in increased food production.

4.    Consistency in Production.

Having been programmed to conduct tasks with the highest degree of accuracy, Industrial robots are able to deliver products of the same quality irrespective of the time they have been running. Unlike human workers whose quality of work depends on the state of their bodies, robots are able to work 24/7 without tiring while maintaining the same quality.

This allows the farmers to be consistent in the amount and quality of goods they produce and also allows the industries to meet deadlines set by the management and also satisfy the demand in the market during the busy seasons.

5.    Reduced Production Costs.

Despite the industrial robots for sale being quite expensive, they have a very fast payback period. By working for 24 hours each day of the year, the robots are bound to pay back your money in less than three months and thus ensuring the farmers and industries gain profits.

The robots are also quite easy to maintain and thus do not require regular repair costs besides electrical charging. By reducing the time it takes workers to complete tasks and minimizing the number of waste materials from production, the industries are able to produce more products with less raw materials.


The impact Industrial robots have had on the Food and Agriculture sector goes beyond the above stated. More jobs have been created; production time reduced, better services delivery established to customers among many other benefits. This implies that if more farmers and food processing industries adopt the Industrial robots, the problem of security will be a thing of the past!

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