10 Enchanting Shades of Purple Hair You Will Flip Over

purple hair on dark skinned woman

If you can’t choose green or don’t want to go red or auburn with a natural henna, purple hair is perhaps the most trendy shade of hair color these days. Elle magazine says you can find an eco version of purple too. Not only is it drop-dead gorgeous, it is also one of the few trendy hair colors that looks stunning with every complexion and eye color. Choose eco and gentle options for color when you can. The last think you want is toxins on your hair.

And believe it or not, there are dozens of beautiful and edgy shades of purple hair color from soft lilac to deep eggplant! Not to mention balayage hues and stunning purple ombre fades! There is no end to the possibilities when it comes to ways to color your hair purple!

Like most hair colors, purple tends to fade very quickly. Therefore, it may require frequent touch ups. But once you go purple, you’ll find that it’s worth it!

It is wise to try to preserve your purple hair color for as long as possible. To do so, you can wash your hair less frequently, once or twice a week at the most. Use dry shampoo between wet shampoos and keep your hair hydrated with leave in conditioners. Only use products that are made for color-treated hair and are free of sulfates.

Avoid excessive use of heat as this also fades your hair color. Allow your hair to air dry when possible and use foam rollers instead of a curling wand. Wear a bathing cap when swimming and wear a hat when in the sun to protect your hair from fading due to ultraviolet rays. These simple tips can help preserve your gorgeous purple color.

What are 10 of the prettiest looks for purple hair? Have fun and get ready to embrace the purple! 

Short, Wavy Boysenberry Bob

If you have short hair, such as this cute wavy bob, this blend of bright purple hues is a fun way to add a burst of color to your curly tresses.

This balayage is a stunning blend of violet, mauve and lilac hues to form a gorgeous boysenberry purple shade that is full of depth and dimension. It is the perfect blend of dark a light purple hair colors for a truly multi tonal look. It looks just stunning on wavy hair to give it even more texture and volume!

Magenta and Royal Purple Love Affair

Pink is perhaps the next most popular hair color other than purple hair. And if you like both, you don’t have to choose! Check out this totally awesome blend of magenta pink and eggplant purple. The two shades blend majestically for a totally regal look that is edgy and chic!

Start off with a dark royal purple and blend in shades of deep eggplant and dark pink for a truly multi tonal cosmic blend that is out of this world.Style your hair in loose romantic waves to give a slightly soft vibe to this otherwise edgy cut that will make you stand out in any crowd!

Velvet Black to Deep Amethyst Melt

Ombre melts are so pretty and this dark silky black to purple melt is no exception! If you are blessed with velvety black hair, you can play it up by allowing it to fade into a shiny dark amethyst. This is perfect if you are going for a dark and edgy vibe.

This wavy. Inverted lob is the perfect canvas for this gorgeous ombre melt. Longer bobs are a great way to show off your trendy black and dark purple hair! 

Indigo and Amethyst Ombre Flowing Mermaid Waves

If you love beachy mermaid waves, this breathtaking indigo to shimmery amethyst ombre fade is screaming your name! You will feel like a mermaid princess with this positively beautiful blend of purple hues!

Start off with a deep indigo base at the roots and then fade to a shiny light amethyst for a shimmery purple that looks like you just stepped of the beach! Spritz your wavy locks with a generous amount of sea salt spray to add bounce and texture and let your hair dry for a look that will make your friends green with envy!

Dark Plum and Dusty Lilac Dreams

We can’t get enough of this next look! Talk about dimension! The blend of warm and cool purple tones is just exquisite! Mix in a blend of deep plum, dark mauve and indigo shades at the top and then finish it off with dusty lilac highlights for a multi galactic blend of pretty purple hues!Dusty shades are where it’s at when it comes to trendy hair colors so feel free to lay it on thick. This dusty lilac is almost too pretty for words!

Deep Violet Tresses

Blue and purple hair go so nicely together! This deep Egyptian blue is the perfect compliment for these dark violet highlights! Together the two colors form a totally regal shade of deep dark violet that is striking!

The deep blue shades will fade to a silvery gray and the deep violet will fade to a pale lavender so you will be left with a shimmery blend of colors as it slowly fades away. But dark or light, this combo is chic and edgy if you want a look that will catch the eye of many an admirer!

Black and Lilac Ombre

Lilac is one of the prettiest and most popular shades of purple hair. If you want a striking contrast between dark and light, this black to lilac ombre melt is right up your alley.

Start off with black or dark chocolate brown roots and fade to bright lilac that will make you think of a field full of flowers on a sunny spring day! Curl your hair in soft, romantic waves and top off this look with some dramatic makeup to make you feel like a goth fairy princess!

Perfect Purple Sunset

If you love sunsets, you will flip over this mind-blowing blend of purple hues! Ask for deep wine, dark magenta, violet and lavender hues that blend into a splendid sunset that resembles amethyst and sapphire gemstones!

This look is the perfect blend of edgy and romantic! If you want to embrace your inner punk rock goddess but still have a soft and feminine edge, this look is perfect! It looks especially captivating on long, flowing waves!

Purple Fairy Lights

If you prefer softer shades of purple, you will fall head over heels in love with this charming blend of soft purple hues. Ask for a dark silver base and blend in soft shades of pink, amethyst, lilac, baby blue, light orchid and iris. The finished product will be reminiscent of soft fairy lights glistening on in a dark enchanted forest.

Pastel shades are all the rage so you can’t go wrong with this enchanting blend of soft blues, pinks and purple hues. If you have ever wanted to be a fairy, then this look will make all of your dreams come true!

Electric Blue to Dusty Lilac Ombre Fade

Who says you have to choose between dark and light purple hair? Not sure if you want to stick with warm or cool purple hues? Why not go with both?

This ombre fade starts off with an electrifying shade of indigo blue and then fades to medium violet, soft lavender, dusty lilac and soft pink hues for a dusty lilac fade that is just lovely. This look is perfect if you want a look that is both dramatic and chic!

Have you fallen in love with any of these looks for purple hair? Are you ready to embrace a trendy and sexy new look? We think you’ve got what it takes to rock the purple so what are you waiting for?

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