MUV-e’s Folding Electric Trolley Goes from Land to Bus to Train

The MUV-e folding e-scooter from Israel can be personalized, linked to your smart phone, carried with you on the bus and stored in small apartments without taking much space. Estimated cost about $2000.

Urban transportation has recently taken on new and innovative forms, which include gliding along on electric skates, and surfing city sidewalks on various types of electric powered scooters. An electric powered unicycle, the U3-X  being developed by Honda, even travel sideways. For those who commute daily into large cities by way of buses, trains, or subways, an even newer and fully portable transportation device is now being worked on that can be literally taken with them to work.

Two Israeli inventors, Amir Zaid and Benny Shimon have developed a small, compact three wheeled electric scooter that they have named the MUV-e.This device, which can be folded to resemble a suitcase trolley, will weigh between 12 and 15 kg (depending on battery size) and be able to whisk a rider along at speeds up to 25 km an hour.

On a full charge from a standard 240 volt outlet, the device should take its rider anywhere from 15 to 40 km, depending on the weight of the rider and “road conditions”.

Zaid tells Green Prophet: “We are seeking to raise $500K for 2013 and to launch our first beta of one thousand pieces planned for the local market.

“We have a patent pending on the folding system, which is unique. Plus the battery packs are personalized and can be selected from three different sizes to fit all needs. Our production technology comes from the automotive world and ensures high level of rigidity with minimum weight, while our covers can be personalized in different colors and graphics.”

For the more expensive model, “operation will be controlled by opening an application on the smartphone.

“Once opened, you will mount the cellular on the handlebars and it will become the vehicle’s dashboard, showing all the relevant data of vehicle, navigation, charging etc.,” he tells us.

MUV-e in folded position

muve, mov-e folding electric scooter or moped from Israel, by Amir Zaid

Zaid and Shimon haven’t yet put their scooter into actual commercial production, but they say that it should sell in Israel for around NIS 7,000 ($1,890). While this price may seem affordable in today’s economic climate, this writer remembers when a Volkswagen Beetle cost the same in the USA.

Cost will be $3000 for the premium version that folds automatically, and which can talk with your cell phone.

MUVe Folding-electric-scooter-israel

Other small electric scooters and bicycles might cost a bit less,  but the MUV-e is one of the most compact and portable devices for commuting people, who may find it the perfect thing to scoot them to their jobs or other final destinations once their train or bus reaches its final destination. It’s also handy for people who live in closet-sized apartments in Tokyo and NYC.

In any event, such a device may work out better than the two wheeled Segway, still in use in many parts of the world, but not nearly as portable as the MUV-e.

Below are some older prototype images:

MUV-e folded israel electric scooter

MUV-e folding electric trolley

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    Great gadget! I will like to know where can I purchase one in the USA and when will they be available? I own A Lyric but is too heavy to carry even if is folded as I commute publicly and and want to be able to travel light. Rsvp. thanks

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    Fantastico…quiero uno!!!

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