As Sanctions Hit Iranians, Iranians Hit Hard Drugs Harder

World powers be what they may have put a heavy hand on Iran and as the sanctions hit the people with economic woes, they are moving away from more expensive “pain relief” drugs such as opium to harder, synthetic stuff, the Financial Times reports. Iran’s national currency, called the rial, has fallen more than 50 per cent in 2012 while inflation has climbed to somewhere above 26 per cent, according to the Central Bank of Iran. Some economists believe the rate higher. 

Iran has a reported 1.3 million drug addicts, many of whom are turning to the more dangerous drug shisheh, otherwise known as glass or cyrstal meth to soften their hardships and the results are increased crime, and fewer people seeking treatment for their addictions which can be fatal.

Apparently Iran has a pretty open illicit drug market, which is easy to stumble upon, and Iranian drug peddlers are often found heading to Asian countries such as Thailand where they attempt to offload their drugs.

Is it possible for Iranians to find a more natural high? While it might be too extreme to suggest a brisk hike in the forest or mountains outside of Tehran, natural drugs are probably a better choice. Whether it’s on the streets or online, drugs and their paraphernalia aren’t hard to find, like at this site smartshop online which claims to sell natural drugs. As families and people will be ruined by crystal meth, we advocate Iranian readers to try something a little softer for that high. Can natural drugs be ordered online and delivered to Iran? Readers in Iran do let us know.

Image of drugs in Iran from Shutterstock

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