Will Qatar Oust Israel At Climate Change Event?

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Despite having to invite and welcome all members of the United Nations at the Qatar Climate Summit, Qatar is not being so friendly to welcoming Israel at the upcoming climate change event this fall. So goes speculation.

Qatar says Israel’s environment minister Gilad Erdan can come with his security detail. But Israel doesn’t believe Qatar. For an Israeli politician in an Arab land going it alone could mean suicide, opening him up to a range of possibilities including assassination and kidnapping.

The event held in Doha, Qatar, is organized by the United Nations and should accept representation from any UN member state. According to Qatari officials they have no problem allowing Erdan’s security to join him. But last time an Israeli government official was in Qatar (Uzi Landau, Israel’s Minister of Water for an IRENA water event in 2010), his security detail was not admitted to the country at the last minute.

Israel’s version of the CIA, the Shin Bet, says that Israel can’t participate in the Qatar Climate Summit in November until Qatar resolves its security policy. Israel is currently appealing to the United Nations in order to resolve the issue.

According to Israel National News, “The Prime Minister’s Office, speaking on behalf of the Shin Bet, said that the matter was still under review and that there still was not an “absolute” decision to prevent Erdan from attending the conference.”

It’s disgraceful how even seemingly benign issues like the environment and climate change get tangled in political stand-offs.

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