Hatem Yavuz is the King of Seal Killers

hatam yavuz smacking bottom seal

Hatam Yavuz, from his IG account

Every year in Namibia, 86,000 Cape Fur Seal pups are butchered to death and only one man has the contract to turn their fur into so-called fashionable apparel. We had pictures of what’s going on but Google banned the page for it being too graphic.

The Turkish and Australian based company Hatem Yavuz named after the owner Hatem Yavuz controls roughly 60 percent of the world’s seal market and processes 130,000 seal pelts every year in his Istanbul factory. Yavuz also has a hand in the Canadian seal market and claims to be proud of what he does. In an interview that spurred a flurry of hate mail, Yavuz told 7 News in Australia that “it’s a job. If I don’t do it, someone else is going to do it.” He is called the King of Seal Killers.


Illegal Seal Killing

Green Prophet recently caught up with Pat Dickens, founder of the Seals of Nam, a non-profit organization that has been campaigning to end Namibia’s annual seal cull on the Cape Cross Seal Reserve. A popular tourist attraction, every year between July and November the sands of the reserve are stained pink from the blood of seal pups as young as seven months old.

Men with clubs and picks enter the seal colony early in the morning. The traumatized animals squeal and run away, often regurgitating their mother’s milk in terror. Their skulls are crushed and their throats slit. Several reports show that blows to their head often only render the animals unconscious.

These remains are cleaned up before tourists show up in what is a heavily regulated area.

Dickens has gone through all of the appropriate channels to appeal to the Namibian government to cancel its contract with Yavuz, which is valid until 2019, as it stands in direct contravention to the Animal Protection Act of 1962 that makes it unlawful to “overload, overdrive, override, ill-treat, neglect, infuriate, torture or maim or cruelly beat, kick, goad or terrify any animal.”



He appealed to the Namibian ombudsman Adv. John Walters, which speech has since been followed up with a series of delay tactics. Several animal rights organizations have become involved and Jane Goodall and other celebrities have made public statements against this terrible practice.

Meanwhile, the Humane Society released a report which shows that the so-called seal-culling industry, which only employs 81 people in Namibia, benefits the Namibian economy 300 times less than live seals and eco-tourism would.

Since The Seals of Nam have not made progress “the nice way”, they have elevated the stakes of their campaign.

The activist organization recently sent a formal appeal to the world’s largest tourism fair taking place in early March, ITB Berlin, to bar Namibia’s attendance, and a series of other public protests will take place throughout the world in order to increase awareness of what has become the world’s largest seal harvest.

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They have also called for a boycott of all major industries that contribute to Namibia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) including Namibia Breweries, De Beers, and Namibia Air.

Dickens, who quit a lucrative corporate career, sold his bike, and cashed in his pension to protect Namibia’s seals from the likes of Yavuz, told Green Prophet that the Wildlife Defense Society (WDS Namibia) recently announced their official support of the boycott, despite the enormous fiscal ramifications it could have for their own country.

Bloody Money from seals

But the odds are stacked against the seals since the King of Seal Killers makes a lucrative living from his business. One seal fur coat sells for Aus $30,000 – “enough to buy a car,” he boasted in an interview with 7 News.

And in March, 2011, Yavuz said in a written email that he would sell his fur interests for Euros $27 million according to Seal Alert SA. The tycoon is currently embroiled in a sex scandal with the wife of Turkish billionaire Yurdal Sert’i.

Yavuz is from Turkey but Cape Fur Seals are listed as a UN-CITES Endangered Appendix II species and the United States, Mexico, the European Union, and Russia have subsequently banned all seal products in protest.

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106 thoughts on “Hatem Yavuz is the King of Seal Killers”

  1. skrotbil says:

    This is hateful & barbaric, this despicable lowlife should learn how to work for money and not murder for it.

  2. Beryl Dix says:

    This killing is so abhorrent I am lost for words. Those in authority who can stop this slaughter must be made aware of how such atrocities are viewed by the civilised world. There is no excuse for this cruelty.

  3. Marie L. Molinari-Hay says:

    This and all other horrors inflicted upon innocent creatures must be stopped.

  4. maria o donnell says:

    this is scandalous and the Namibian Government should stop it immediately and punish those cruel people, thank you

  5. eva mcinnis says:

    you scum dirty bastards

  6. David C. Burdick says:

    If this is true, you’re an adolescent, self-centered, STUPID, money-grubbing, idiot.
    Wonder how you’d like it if someone came to you in the night with club in hand to bash you death??

  7. Michelle says:

    Hatem Yavuz, you are another disgrace of the human race. I would sure throw you face down and butcher you just as you do with those poor animals and what for MONEY… Well mate you are going to drop dead ‘ and i hope soon ‘ and you are taking fuck all I honestly wish you empire falls down to Zero.

  8. Alfie Phalfie says:

    At least he is being honest!

  9. Alfi says:

    At least he is being honest !..

  10. Eve says:

    Where do I start? no really, what can one say when they see such evil and filth? His name says it all HATEm yeah, I hate him, all good people would hate him. Anybody who agrees with such insanity is a seal clubber too, they’re just not working for him. To use the lame excuse, somebody else will do it, and oh yeah love this shit…i’d rather wear a pelt of seal than a farmed animal is totally deranged and without any sense of reason. NO ANIMAL skins are humane, none whatsoever not farmed or wild YOU PIECE OF SHIT. Bet you’d think twice if it were you, oh, year humans are feral, were wild…except test tube babies they’re farmed NO DIFFERENCE it;s only different cause of your prospective from your simple mind. REMEMBER HUMANS ARE VISITORS ON THIS PLANET IT IS NOT OURS TO EXPLOIT NOR CAUSE WAR ON OUR SENTIMENT BEINGS – ANIMALS. Anyway, everybody who has God’s light of love and kindness and compassion understands this and don’t pay attention to the negative idiots that feel the urge to post negative comments…just skip their trash they’re only trying to aggravate-just ignore it I do. I cant wait for the day when humans are completely gone then and only then will animals and plants our air and water and the land can truly live in peace and harmony.

    1. Julie benn edwards says:

      Well said eve!

  11. Peter says:

    such people as Hatem Yavuz should be castrated ….. money grabbing cock sucker

  12. Zubair says:

    I would rather use the pelt/skin of free roaming animals rather than the leather of factory cattle or fur of factory mink. These are taken from healthy free roaming animals and not from tightly squezed, disease ridden animals who dont even get to breath fresh air or see the sun in all their life’s. Yes it is cruel that it is so systimized, but it is even worse with the factory animals in our own backyards… The difference is the life quality of the animals. And the only alternative is not to use any animal products at all as a society.. Not going to happen i like meat and i like fur/leather, make a difference buy from Hatem…..

  13. william charles says:

    These so called “men” are actually the lowest form of infidels on earth, and should be fed piece by piece to a group of hungry sharks, similar to their mothers and sisters i.e, and have their testicles cut off and thrown to the laughing crowd as they cower in fear. they are a bunch of effeminate nancies.


    The government of Namibia allows that. The Government of Australia, Turkey & Canada allow the trade of the fur no matter how they got them. Hatem Yavuz has a business that is legal. Consumers do need to know how these products have been obtained and campaigns like this one not only against a person but against the policy of these countries. No more cruelty against animals. ALL GOVERNMENTS FROM ALL NATIONS HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE RULES…BUT THEY DON’T WANT TO.

  15. Lynn says:

    I abhor the hard-faced cruelty of these people, the seal killing practices and the trade in furs. Why do we the public condone this and buy their products when we can buy good quality fake alternatives to keep warm and/or for fashion!

  16. Rensina says:

    Hang your head in shame. you are a slur on the human race

  17. Fred Bilello says:

    Another stain on the human race. I used a seal clubber as a bad guy in my graphic novel Greenwich Mean Time, which can be viewed on my website AsylumEarth.com. He’s the character The Psycho JimJohn, and can be found in chapters 36, 37 & 38.

  18. Kathy Hamilton says:

    Everyone involved in killing seals is some kind of sick psychopath. How callous can Australians-who-approve -of- this-battering-murder-of sea-mammals get???

  19. Warwick says:

    Tried calling the piece of scum…not available,,to gutless to be made available
    Sent an email

    Let’s face it,,,,there are to many humans on this planet….these kind should be exterminated for the good of all creatures…

  20. hdawg says:

    watching people “tell off” Hatem Yavuz in this forum is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in a long time. Umm.. yeah – here: why don’t you tell him a little more directly. (I am also offended by these actions… I’m a vegetarian as well, yada yada yada, but do you really think he’s going to be reading through this website? Seriously?)

    Here is his website, his email, and his phone number. If you are really that outraged, I urge you to actually do something a little more constructive instead of standing on your soapbox.

    4/43 A Ethel St. Seaforth N.S.W.
    Sydney – AUSTRALIA
    Tel : (61-2) 9948 5366
    Fax : (61-2) 9948 5377
    E-mail : [email protected]

    Organize Deri Sanayi Bölgesi 11 Yol B-1 Parsel
    Tuzla – iSTANBUL
    Tel : +90 (216) 394 27 20-21
    Fax : +90 (216) 394 27 22
    E-mail : [email protected]

    Now… go do something a little more productive…. like yell at your Television.

    1. BarbM says:

      Good point, but like all of us we need to let off steam.
      But here’s one to actually fight for by signing a petition and they will do the rest. At least this one is doing something.
      Be warned, you will as shocked as here when you read this crap. Its happening all over the world.
      When an animal or animals are gone, something will be top dog in the food chain, and you can bet it will be something no one wants.


  21. linda owens says:

    the guy….a useless piece of s h i t.

  22. Axel Meier says:

    Making the seals a tourist attraction would benefit the Namibian tourist economy 300 times
    more then Hatem Yavuz’s annual seal pup killing, that will drive Cape Fur seals to extinction. hatem-yavuz respect Namibia’s Animal Protection Act and stop this senseless cruelty for short term profits; change your business model accordingly.

    1. Diana says:

      The Cape fur seals ARE a tourist attraction. The Namibian government allows tourists to visit these reserves just hours after the killers butcher the seal pups and clean up the beach.

      1. Pat Dickens says:

        That’s correct Diana. From 6am to 9am the club is in full swing and as many pups are killed as possible. Can’t let the tourists see that! No! From 9 – 10 the beach is cleaned up of blood because at 10, the gates are open to the paying public who come to view the terrified remains of what was once a majestic seal colony.

        Any blood that gets overlooked is explained away to gullible tourists as predation and is from jackal kills the night before. This happens on a dedicated seal reserve, an area where one would expect these animals to be protected.

  23. Dennis Savini says:

    Stop these pieces of shit

    1. Start a campaign on Kickstarter.

  24. Eva Baskin says:

    God gave man dominion over the earth and its animals. Do you think he gave us the right to destroy and abuse, or to protect and nourish?

    1. Calamity Babs says:

      You are right, Eva. God did not say, “Destroy this planet which I have created for you….” what a fucked up mentality this Nambia country has.

  25. Shawn says:

    I think you guys are going about this wrong.

    Yes, it’s pretty low to do such things in such large quantities to defenseless young animals, but nothing is going to happen from the way you are going about it. You’d have a better chance of reducing the sheer quantity of seals that can be legally taken, but from what I’m hearing about Yavuz having private security firms and deals with government officials in his pocket, nothing will make him change unless he goes to war with Australia, Namibia, or Turkey. If he was to be shut down by the government with some sort of notice, he either would set up somewhere else with the same activities, pay different people and continue business, or continue regardless of whatever law may have been created against it.

    It kind of boils down to “who has more guys with guns?” if it’s the government, they win, as long as they are forced to bring the war to Yavuz. If it’s Yavuz, he doesn’t ever need to have a war, the governments will simply fear him, his power, and control.

    He’s small time compared to groups like Monsanto, Bilderberg, etc., but I wouldn’t doubt he has more plays to make before everything is done. And printing t-shirts and flyers, having protest rallies and groups with likeminded individuals won’t solve this problem. I know this site doesn’t condone violence, but it’s a part of human nature–force=change.

    1. This guy is only feeding a demand. If people stopped buying there would be no reason to cull. Thousands of people are to blame, not just him.

      1. Diana says:

        With 7 billion people on the planet, trying to eliminate all demand for products of pain and suffering is impossible. The compassionate majority must step in and demand an end to cruel practices.

      2. Ysabet says:

        ‘Feeding a demand,’ huh? Funny, that’s exactly what pimps and drug-pushers say. “If we didn’t do it, somebody else would.” Until somebody else says “Stop, this is wrong.” Staying silent and looking the other way never, ever benefits the victim, but it always helps the victimizer. Always.

  26. REHANA VN says:


    1. Objectively Speaking says:

      I second that.

      1. Dave Hermanson says:

        You know… as horrible as this is and it’s horrible, they’re like big beautiful fish and no one says anything for the fish. It’s all horrible murder. I’m vegan, I never thought I would be but I’m so
        much happier and healthier. I didn’t do it all at once but I took my time and learned how. If you really want to see what’s going on in the world today as far as animal torture, watch the movie, Earthlings. It’s free on You Tube, you can go there now. Please watch the whole thing even if you think you already know about this stuff. I believe you will be changed for the better. Please watch it, thanks.

    2. H.K says:


  27. JM says:

    It is horrific but is nothing new. Just keep pushing the anti-fur, and for that matter anti-leather propaganda on FB,twitter and any other social media you use. There are perfectly wonderful alternatives to leather for fashion footwear and garments.

  28. Dianne Sharp says:

    I’m absolutely positive the citizens of Australia are not aware this is happening. If they knew, they would be putting the pressure on Namibia, this company, and the leaders in Australia to do something to stop this stupid, senseless and horrible practice.

  29. Take my comments with a grain of salt because I cannot even understand the hunting of deer. But seeing this kind of slaughter of the young seals for the sake of fashion….what are we and what have we become? The decline of the very spirit of humankind is profoundly disturbing. It seems a short but devastating step from inter-species clubbing to something even more inhuman. How can we continue like this? J.G. Hertzler

  30. BarbM says:

    I am an Australian and I knew absolutely nothing about this culling. I wouldn’t mind betting the majority of Australians don’t have any idea whatsoever.
    Most of what we find out is by sites such as this, and only when an overwhelming majority are aware and start kicking up a fuss, do the authorities tell us what they have been doing secretly all this time.
    As an Australian I am appalled at the cruelty on any animal. I don’t care how poor you are in any country, it boils down to a cruel and savage human nature. There is no way if I was starving I would do that to an animal. Its death if I had to eat, would be humane and swift.
    There is no justifications for this cruelty from anyone or any nation. People who do this are animals themselves, and the whole of the country from the poorest to the very rich have no concerns for anyone or anything other than their own needs, wants and own agenda.
    Perhaps you “The Seals of Nam” are no better than PETA, who spout the good they do and don’t live up to it.
    They made a giant mistake with me by sending notification via email with video regarding wanting funds to research the incidence of dogs in China being skinned alive. The dogs were hit over the head and when the retards whio did this thought they were dead, they skinned them. Only some time after they were only unconscious, and when they awoke they died in excruciating agony.
    I took no BS from them and sent an email back promptly and said, “if you took that video, that means you were there! And if you were there, you did nothing?” I will have nothing to do with PETA at all, and their track record for cruelty themselves is not so good either.

    1. Pat Dickens says:

      Hi BarbM

      As an official representative of “The Seals of Nam” I will be more than happy to clear that up for you. The footage available on our website was not filmed by us. We have permission from the copyright owners to make use of their material.

      The only times we were “there” was for the meeting of government and later for a press conference which we held on behalf of Seal Alert. Unfortunately there is nothing one CAN do, except get arrested, beaten up, detained and deported, as happened to one of the parties involved

      2 of the 3 slaughter locations are on property controlled by NamDeb, a partnership between de Beers diamonds and Government. Private security firms are authorised to shoot on sight anyone found to be trespassing. So, it is not a case of “Oh, let’s film this and then go and interfere with the clubbers.”

      I personally attempted to return to Namibia. My intention was to film the collapse of the seal colony from a tourist point of view over several months. I was detained at the border, interrogated, denied entry and labelled a threat to the safety and security of country. I face a 5 year jail term and $20 thousand fine if I return.

      We offered to refund all donors that had contributed to this venture. That offer was never accepted. Instead we used the money to print T-shirts and fliers to generate further awareness. The balance was used to purchase a basic remote controlled glider which will be used to survey the South African seal population.

      Other than that, we do not ask for donations. We are a small, self funded organization, what little funds we have are provided for by our directors. There is no “DONATE” button on our website http://www.thesealsofnam.org. We encourage others to download templates for fliers and posters available on our website should they wish to print their own and contribute to the success of the global outcry.

      We are a registered non-profit organization and are required by law to submit audited records to the Directorate of non-profit organizations each year.

      If you have any concerns, you are welcome to contact me.

      Kind regards,

      Patrick Dickens
      Campaign Manager
      The Seals Of Nam

      1. BarbM says:

        The comment I made about being there and taking photos and not doing anything, was exactly what happened regarding PETA. I was not making that particular comment at you.

        To get anything done for the sake of the animals( who we by our greed but also our incessant breeding, are putting the animals into tighter and tighter areas where they can’t roam free, then we blame them for coming into our backyards. Don’t be daft, they were there first. Make room for them and stop building on their land), we have to unite the people and stop being so indifferent, unite states, countries, governments, whatever it takes to get this and so many other cruel things going on in this world, to put a dead stop to this. Apply heavy penalties to those who do, or jail time if that is what it takes..

  31. Horrific. It makes me despair for the human species when we can be so senselessly mindlessly cruel. It’s hard to bear really.

  32. Your conscience says:

    Hatem Yavuz, You are a disgrace to mankind and this planet!!! May all of you, who are involved in your sadistic practices experience million times greater pain and suffering than you have and are bringing upon the innocent- There is nothing Godly or spiritual about you savages- You are pure EVIL! Shame on you!!!!

    1. Peter H Peier says:

      I agree 100 % percent and I hope that this sob finds himself on the ground some day with a club coming down on his head.
      Life is sacred whether animal or human and no one will get away for ever by treating these baby seals the way they do. I firmly believe that there will be a price to pay for these bastards.

      I hope someone goes after them with a club!

  33. Helmut Klein says:

    The Australian government should expel the bastard and the rest of the world MUST stop buying furs. Countries who allow these murders for money, i.e. Russia/Turkey must be named and shamed and trade boycotts implemented against them! Club that money grabbing, murdering camel shagger!

    1. Pat Dickens says:

      Hi Helmut.

      It is interesting to note that Russia has joined the 27 nations of the EU, Mexico, the USA and Taiwan in banning the import of marine mammal products, including seal skins, meat, genitalia and oils.

      Turkey is wanting to join the EU. This will require them to abide by its laws and in order to do so, they would have to shut Yavuz down.

  34. Robert Hazucha says:

    This is another round of senseless slaughter for the sake of fashion. Shame on the Company, shame on the butchers and shame on the consumers whose purchases support this barbaric practice!

  35. Julia Reichel says:

    Canada is about to change-when will Namibia???

  36. Kendall Houck says:

    The world is watching. The choice is yours.

  37. elizabeth mason says:

    Stop senseless slaughter of seals humans dont need their fur the planet needs their lives I hate humans for their murderous actions against innocent animals

  38. Cathy Lakoff says:

    This is a despicable act of cruelty and murder. All animals are sentient beings and should be treated with care and compassion. People will be judged by the way they treat animals.

  39. brian says:

    Please stop these barbaric acts . Do the same to the hunters

  40. Kaz Porter says:

    This psychopath is low life scum. I hope he get’s his just desserts and gets battered to death and then he will know what it feels like. Disgusting specimen. May he rot in hell.

  41. R. Schwendemann says:

    Stop this senseless Bullshit killing!

    1. wilson says:

      First stop eating biltong and trophy hunting for the few Europeans/Americans ,then we could look into the seal culling.

  42. BarbM says:

    I too am fed up with how the planet is going and want it to stop long enough for me to get off it!
    1. Skinning dogs alive in China.
    2. Exported horses to Mexico where a back leg is tied and hauled upside down to have their throat slit. They are NOT old horses, many are in perfect condition.
    3. Mutilation and slaughter of dolphins in a bay of Japan.
    I could go on with so much more that is happening in this world but would be too long.
    One day when those animals and others are gone, will we realise how important they where in the scheme of things, to our own very existence.
    I hate animal cruelty of any kind. And with our so called advanced civilisation, we still slaughter them as a cave man/Neanderthal would do. We have not progressed at all, we are slowly going backward.

    1. Judi Hewitt says:

      You echoed my thoughts exactly – the inhabitants of this world are indeed selfish, greedy and barbarous!

    2. Lesley Turnbull says:

      I am with you. The poaching of Elephants and Rhinos to near and in some cases full extinction. It is time to stop. Greed is at the core of it all. Indifference allows it to continue.

  43. wilson says:



    1. Pat Dickens says:

      Dear “Wilson” (or whatever your name is)

      If you wish to have any meaningful level of discussion with me, then I suggest you remain civil and drop the not so witty puns when addressing me. It doesn’t make you look clever. It makes you come across as a childish idiot and one who is lacking in any form of imagination or originality. Really now, you are no longer in kindergarten and it would be better for all concerned if you adhered to basic manners and acceptable norms of etiquette when engaging with others on a public platform.

      Also worth mentioning is your incorrect use of capital letters. Perhaps this is due to a sub-standard education or possibly you were simply trying to be creative? Either way, it confirms my suspicions that you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed. For your information, and for future reference, the use of capitals throughout is considered both rude and unnecessary. At least your spelling has improved, or have you finally figured out how to use the spell-checker?

      With regards to your actual comment, all I can do is laugh at how absurd it is. If you aren’t careful, you may one day cross a line and this could result in you facing charges of slander and libel. To avoid such, I suggest it would be in your best interests to familiarise yourself with facts before coming on to a public platform and making a fool of yourself with baseless and unsubstantiated claims. While this would lessen the likelihood of you causing further embarrassment to yourself, I am afraid it wouldn’t be able to improve your intellect . Hell, I doubt if even the wonders of modern medicine and the strides made in neurological lobotomy procedures would be able to help you. But, I digress and need to return to the topic before you get completely lost. Just so you know, I do not hunt and to be honest, I find the very notion of shooting a magnificent animal in the prime of its life to be quite abhorrent. I don’t eat biltong either. Don’t lose any sleep over it. Lot’s of people don’t eat biltong, even if they are meat eaters. It’s the uncooked thing that puts them off. I hope you have learned something?

      As with your incorrect usage of capital letters, so too have you used the term “sabotage” out of context. This could be perceived as a form of malapropism. The correct definition of sabotage is “to deliberately destroy, weaken or obstruct an entity through subversion, especially for military or political advantage.” The person responsible for such is known as a saboteur. It is interesting to note that saboteurs will attempt to conceal their identities to avoid the consequences of their actions. Bearing this in mind and since I have no military training or experience and zero political motives, I fail to understand what you are trying to get at. I am baffled by your arcane reference and can assure you I have been most open and upfront with both my intentions as well as my identity, which is more than one can say for yourself, “Wilson”

      Anyway “Wilson” I have wasted enough of my time on you. Run along now and be a good boy.

  44. ivaniel campos oliveira says:

    Unfortunately there are many people like him around the world. I feel do bad. I do not understand why he keeps laughing.



  45. Vicky bR says:

    Look, I hate the thought of defenseless creatures
    Slaughtered but what I hate more is how European countries have taken African citizens
    Natural resources and claimed them as their own. Diamond mines, gold mines, etc. if you have no way of feeding your family or killing an animal, you’re NOT going to starve to death! The animal has to go. We have supermarkets and dollar hamburgers in the USA and resources to procure food; for most. They’re not psychopaths; just hungry.

    1. Judi Hewitt says:

      And most people in the UK and in America are hideously fat because of fast food joints and supermarkets full of cancer causing crap!! We don’t need meat of any kind – I am living proof of this!! Why do many people in this world think that only humans matter – we are animals just like any other. We can do things animals can’t do, and they can do things we can’t do, it doesn’t mean they should be horribly abused and exploited the way they are.

    2. Paul says:

      These seals are not being killed to feed the citizens of Namibia. They are being killed to fill the coffers of a rich foreigner–Hatem Yavuz. It’s the same exploitation that rightly disturbs you.

    3. Pat Dickens says:

      Hi Vicky.

      The thing is, seals killed in Namibia are not killed for meat. 80 000 nursing pups, still sucking at the teat, are violently (and often repeatedly) beaten to death with pick handles so as to make fur pelts for the fashion industry. These cubs are beaten to death and not shot because a bullet costs money and the hole it makes reduces the value of the pelt. Unlike the Harp Seals in Canada, the breeding grounds of Cape Fur seals are densely populated. When these animals are disturbed, and especially when they are exposed to violence, a mass panic ensues as the herd stampedes towards the safety of the sea. Heavy bulls will crush any pups that get in their way. Pregnant females get so terrified they are known to self abort and pups vomit up their mothers milk in fear.
      6 000 adult Alpha breeding bulls are shot at point blank range. Their skulls are too thick to be beaten. These are not killed for meat either. no! These animals are slaughtered in their prime so that their penises can be shipped to the East to make sex tonics.

      The seal slaughter is done to satisfy the whims of greed, fashion and lust. It’s done to a species that has lost 95% of preferred habitat, is at threat from global warming and has suffered several mass die off’s. It’s sickening.

      Government claims they need to reduce the population to protect fish stocks, but their very own figures show that the ONLY colonies to have shown explosive population growth are the sites where “culling” has taken place. Of roughly 46 colonies across the animals range, the only three are Cape Cross, Wolf Atlas Bay (Namibia) and XXX in SA. SA stopped “culling” in 1990 and immediately the population growth stabilised. It went from 161% to a mere 5% growth over the same time frame. Of the other 43 colonies, without any culling taking place at these locations, are in a population decline, some by as much as 80%
      Namibia is a third world country, desperate for employment. The clubbers are only seasonally employed for 4 months per annum. They earn the minimum wage which equates to around US$8 per day and they live out in the desert. Alcohol, drug abuse, cruelty and domestic violence is rife among the poverty stricken communities. Independent studies show that if tourism were developed correctly, the potential from it would yield 300% more. It would create wealth of job opportunities with scope for subsidiary industry and tourism would give the poor an upliftment opportunity to make something of themselves. A brand. Something to be proud of and not the bloody disgrace the seal hunt is.
      The main person to profit from the hunt is not even a local, but rather a wealthy Turkish businessman Hatem Yavuz just so happens to be the Honorary Consul of Namibia to Turkey. This makes him a government official. He has offices and a car that are paid for by the government. Yet he profits directly from the sale of the countries assets, a crime in most societies.

  46. Michael Braudy says:

    Please stop this cruel killing.

    1. Andrew D Murr says:

      The most sickening act I have seen ever. What we’ve seen is a group of paid black hooligans. With no remorse whatsoever, This is a mindless mission. Somebody should club whoever is involved, see how they F*****G like it. None worse than what the Mafia does. What is the world coming to? Hey?

  47. Judi Hewitt says:

    Proof if any were needed that these seal killers are psychopaths and should be dealt with accordingly. No sane person could do this to defenceless baby animals.

    1. Pat Dickens says:

      Oh but that’s just the best of it. Namibia’s Animal Protection Act clearly states, and I quote “it is an offence to overload, overdrive, ill-treat, neglect, infuriate, torture or main, cruelly beat, kick, goad or terrify any animal.”

      So when this was pointed out to government that their seal slaughter and its accompanying orgy of violence was indeed illegal, the country’s not so independent ombudsman ruled that, according to semantics of the law, a seal is not classified as an animal. It is a WILD animal. Therefore it does not receive any benefits afforded to it by the Act. I shit you not. Perhaps John Walters the Ombadsman thinks a seal is an insect.

      1. Tim Matthews says:

        Mr. Dickens – Thank you for your explanation of this cruelty. I hope that somehow pressure from any and all of us will see that these babies are protected in the very near future.

  48. ju says:

    This is hateful & barbaric, this despicable lowlife should learn how to work for money and not murder for it.

  49. Hello there, You have done a superb career. I’m going to surely yahoo the idea and also on their own advocate to help my pals. Now i’m assured they shall be took advantage of this web site.

  50. Julie Isaacs says:

    Poor Mr Hatem Yavus. He really has no idea about Karmic Law. Every cruel action that he takes is being recorded by nature at a sub-atomic level, and eventually the price of his cruelty will be extracted from him. Perhaps he feels that he is providing a service that the peoples of the world want, and unfortunately there is a degree of truth in that or he would have no customers. I can understand why those in cold countries would want warm clothes, but with todays technologies this is surely possible without having to kill?! So many of us are complicit in these terrible acts, without ever thinking about it. I hope that mr Yavus see’s the light soon and remembers the first commandment “Thou shalt not kill”

  51. Boerseun says:

    Ignore Mr Pat Dick i believe he is an angler so is it not a case of the pot calling the cattle black?

    Jy moet vir ‘HOOG VERAAD’ aangekla word want jy saboteer die land se ekonomie.

    Het dit vanaf my gehang sou ek jou met harde kriminele laat toegesluit het net vir n week.

  52. Boerseun says:

    Whatever you do seal culling will never stop in Namibia. If we can’t sell our prodcts to the outside world,we can make shoes and belts for our poor people.

    To the Namibian Government please keep it up as long as the utilisation is sustainable as stipulated in our constitution.

    Long live the brave sons of Namibia.

    1. Judi Hewitt says:

      But then with poor people you will never make a profit will you??? Leave the seals alone, they have as much a right to life as you and your kind. Only when mankind stops persecuting other beings in this world will mankind find peace for themselves.

    2. Peter H Peier says:

      I hope someone will club you over the heat, and then die, a… hole

  53. Proudly Namibian says:

    Please let us not join economical sabotage directed to seal culling countries. Many folks are depended on seal culling for a living just as you do with fishing etc. Dont allow yourself to be used as a campaigning tool by people who are having their own agendas.
    If i can kill a chicken,cattle or sheep and sell their pelt where is the difference with seals?

    1. Concerned Californian says:

      You are comparing apples and oranges The seals are wild animals and are being killed for fashion, when there are excellent synthetic products that can keep people warm even in the coldest climates. I see no mention of Namibians or Turks or Australians using baby seal meat as an important source of food. The animals you name that we eat are raised for the purpose of being slaughtered (hopefully humanely and quickly, not by being clubbed to death) for food. The use of their skins and furs is a way of seeing that no part of the animal is wasted. You can argue that I’m a hypocrite because I eat farm animals, and that would have some credence, but I eat NO wild animals. And as for your argument that we’d be depriving people of their livelihood, many people depend for their livelihood on the illegal traffic of women and children and would be deprived of their incomes if we stop these practices, but it would still be the right and moral thing to do. Economic sabotage is a tool to stop immoral practices.

  54. wilson says:

    Good Day All Concerned

    Stop eating chikens,beef & mutton before you get my support.

  55. Ocean Protector says:

    Okay TL, fair enough…

  56. I hear you Ocean Protector.

    I guess Yavuz became a citizen of Australia long before he went into the business of killing seals. He grew up there and now bases his operations in Turkey – a strategic location given its proximity to the European market.

    This whole fiasco bothers me as much as anyone. I just don’t think we need to talk about killing people on Green Prophet. That’s all.

  57. Ocean Protector says:

    @Tafline Laylin….perhaps yes, but then again this awful Turk SOB, encourages and promotes the killing ten of thousands of innocent mammals just so he can make stupid coats and boots which are mostly exported to China, Russia, and ALL those “nice” countries which can’t care less about the well being and protection of marine wildlife!

    For that, this criminal SOB deserves the worst…but, what bothers ME like crazy is that “sweet and friendly” Australia which promotes the well being of whales and “tries” to legally stop the japanese whalers in the Hague, allows this stinky SOB to be based in their country??? WTF???

  58. @No… that’s going a wee bit too far! We definitely do not promote violence on this site.

    1. Yoloswag says:


      1. Paul says:

        fighting violence with violence just creates more violence. Hatred + hatred = hatred. Nonviolent action is more challenging but ultimately more effective. The urge to violent response is understandable, but it doesn’t call upon our best potential any more than ruthless killing of seals does.

  59. No says:

    He should be killed.

  60. Ocean Protector says:

    This guy is one of the worst human beings on the planet…right next to Hitler and the Japanese Whalers!

  61. Radha Bhatia says:

    Are You Human?? If so practice Humanity.

  62. Jan Fredericks says:


  63. Lisa says:

    This is so terrible! Stop killing these helpless creatures!

  64. Heather says:

    Hes a nasty man and should me culled himself

    1. Andrew D Murr says:

      I quite agree Heather. He is a Mafia boss whom entices the killing and culling of young defenceless creatures. When he dies, he won’t be going to heaven, but to hell.

  65. Soamer Jamil says:

    Stop this senseless killing!

  66. Pat Dickens says:

    On behalf of The Seals Of Nam, I would like to thank The Green Prophet for covering this story for us and bringing much needed attention to the horrific acts of cruelty that are perpetrated against these unfortunate animals.

    While our primary concern is to end the annual carnage, we would also like to address the high level of unemployment in Namibia and to set up various eco-tourism initiatives to engage the grassroots communities. Our organization is heavily reliant on public donations and in order for us to continue with our work, any and all financial contributions would be most welcome.

    We have partnered with The Foundation for Antarctic Research, a registered 501 c 3 non profit organization based in the United States. If anyone is willing or able to make a donation to our cause, they can do so via Crowdrise on the following link http://www.crowdrise.com/TheSealsofNam/fundraiser/patdickens We will be most grateful.

    Kind regards

    Pat Dickens
    Campaign Manager
    The Seals Of Nam

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