Santa on a Camel in Qatar: are the Reindeers Protesting?

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Santa takes a ride on a camel in Doha, Qatar, where it was recently announced the COP 18 talks will be held.

Santa has the lowest carbon footprint of them all. He doesn’t drive in fossil-fueled cars to deliver his eco-friendly gifts. Instead, he relies on his trusted team of reindeers. Not big meat eaters, the production of which is a major cause of carbon emissions, reindeers (caribou) typically subsist on a diet of moss and leaves. Although they do occassionally enjoy a protein fix of rodents and fish.

But it seems the reindeers might be protesting for a greater share of this year’s holiday cheer? Either that or Santa has decided to diversify his transportation portfolio in support of the COP 18 climate talks taking place next year in Qatar… by switching to camels. And we can see why. The trusted steed of the Arab world’s indigenous tribes, camels are powerful creatures that can withstand high desert temperatures and there are at least 6 good reasons to drink their milk too.

This fantastic image of Santa riding a camel in Doha, Qatar was captured by Radio Nederland Wereldromroep and posted on Doha News. We just had to share it with you. Never-mind that this Gulf country isn’t particularly receptive to Christianity, it’s the holiday season and everybody’s celebrating.

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2 thoughts on “Santa on a Camel in Qatar: are the Reindeers Protesting?”

  1. Thanks for pointing it out Gerard… I think. Does this mean Santa isn’t real? 🙂

  2. Gerard says:

    Sorry to have to correct in these important matters but this is St Nicholas, old saint and helper of children. As he comes from Spain or Turkey (history is indecisive in this) he knows how to ride a camel. By no means is he to be taken for Santa: the Coca Cola version for the Anglo American world derived from old St Nic.

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