INTERVIEW: Bringing the Ancient Wisdom of Tantra to a Love-Hungry Middle East (part 2)

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Part II on tantra and eco-sexuality in the Middle East.

There are many teachers of ecstatic sexuality, but not so many in the Israel. Ben and Efrat, together as a couple for several years, epitomize what can be accomplished when two people harmonized their efforts at love and living. In the first half of our interview on eco-sexuality with these long-time teachers of the sacred sexual arts, we learned about the connection between Tantra and the ecology of sustainable love. In this second half, Ben and Efrat reveal the secrets of how they build bridges between lovers from the diverse groups eking out a life in a love-hungry Middle East who are committed to creating a more sustainable love.

Green Prophet: What has been the response of those in the Middle East who are unfamiliar with the concepts of ‘sacred sexuality’ when they learn about the work you do?

Ben and Efrat: This is very interesting to note. We believe that those who oppose the ideas do not even reach our awareness.

We work with an amazingly wide social spectrum of clients. People from all ages, Israeli, Arab, Haredi Orthodox men and women, Jews, Christians and Muslims. The vast majority of those who are being exposed to Tantra and sacred sexuality through our work are really being transformed. Naturally, the individual level of devotion, flow and surrendering determines by large the extent of transformation, but we see miracles almost on a daily basis.

The most amazing aspect of Tantric practices that transforms people is the notion of freedom as the highest value.  Tantra teaches an inner rebellion against social conditioning and this appeals to almost every person who was exposed to that idea.  The ability to experience this inner rebellion in a safe, protected and secure environment under guidance and affirmation really transforms everyone.

The transforming energy is so prominent that there is also a notable group of those who call or write to ask, yet still dare not come and experience. One can absolutely sense the longing and yearning for that sense of freedom, mixed with sorrow for the lack of courage to actually come and practice.

The response to that transformation is so strong, perhaps as a blessed contrast to the education which is so common in Middle Eastern countries with all that regards sexuality. In the Middle East, sexuality is generally highly restricted. It is being enforced with strict education, especially with the girls.

This creates a very high contrast between the natural, inner being and the will to adhere to social rules. That high inner tension causes a very strong effect when the spring is let loose by the experience of freedom and sacred sexuality.

Several months ago, we had the privilege of conducting a private Tantra workshop for a couple in the Israeli version of the reality TV show “The Bachelor”. The workshop was very gentle and portrayed the essence and beauty of a sacred ceremony (Puja) of union of the lovers.

In the weeks that followed the broadcast we received a Tsunami of interest from viewers, who were attracted to the beauty of sacred sexuality (although the broadcast itself did not include any sexual aspects).

Although we still avoid reading the talk-backs when we publish an article in online newspapers we can definitely sense a great wave of openness to the transformation offered by Tantra. There certainly is a social shift and we are very inspired by it. You have a new series of self-paced CDs now available. Please tell us how the messages support the values inherent in environmentalism.

Ben and Efrat: The audio program, “Bonding” which is offered in the first chapter of the series “Tantra Nights to Remember” actually leads couples through essential parts of the Puja, the sacred ceremony of unison.

We know that much of our success in the private sessions we conduct with couples and singles comes from the energy we share with them.

It has been our dream for quite some time to share our gifts with as many people as possible. It is not just sharing knowledge. It is much more than that. It is sharing of an experience, of healing energy. Since we know that this energy has no limits or boundaries it can be shared through various ways.

It is our sincere belief that this audio program will not only introduce people to the ideas of Tantra and sacred sexuality and to our healing energy, but it will create a strong will to study and experience more. The Middle East is a very disturbed region and the only way to transform it into an eco-balanced environment is by reaching the masses with the balancing messages of Tantra.

Essentially, frustrated people are not great candidates to sustain a balanced eco-system and a well-preserved environment. One of the greater causes for frustration is a restricted sexuality, which is driven by a scarcity mentality and the well known inherited factors of shame fear and guilt.

Our vision is to reach millions of people with our message of freedom and sacredness. We know it will help building a much better, peaceful Middle East and world.

Our message is beautifully packed in this audio program with our guiding voices, with a beautiful music, which was composed with love and with beautiful ceremonies, and practices which bring harmony, serenity, romance, bonding and great love.

Those who are interested in the audio program can find out more at:

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