Jordan Teams With Spanish Firm To Cool Homes With The Sun

jordan-eco-houseThe Jordanian Renewable Energy Society is adding solar-cooling to their Eco-House project.

While Jordanians argue over whether enviro Queen Rania is entitled to throw lavish birthday parties at the expense of the populace, the business of achieving Jordan’s renewable energy goals continues apace. The Jordanian Renewable Energy Society (JRES) and a Spanish firm have made arrangements to adapt sophisticated solar-cooling technology for domestic applications, according to the Jordan Times. The original project will be installed at the JRES headquarters in West Amman, with a long-term view towards making it available throughout the country. JRES is already an important eco-pioneer in Jordan. Their Green House to be completed later this year will serve as a demo site for citizens interested to experience a house that relies completely on renewable sources to meet its energy needs.

By incorporating passive design, solar panels and a 3-5 kw wind turbine, JRES will give provide skeptics firsthand evidence that we can move away from our oil addiction.

In a country where rain is intermittent and dwindling water resources are shared among an expanding population, harvested rainwater gives the experiment even more independence.

The agreement to domesticate absorption solar cooling is the third major JRES initiative signed by JRES President HRH Prince Asem Ben Nayef, according to the paper. In time, after its initial trial runs, JRES is confident that everyone in Jordan can ultimately benefit from this technology.

Other JRES plans currently on the drawing board include a soon-to-be developed laboratory that will monitor the country’s wind speeds and solarity. They also plan to develop a database of renewable energy technology to facilitate easier transition initiatives and further research.

By 2015, Jordan hopes to generate 7% of the country’s energy needs renewably. JRES is striving admirably to ensure those goals are met.

:: Jordan Times

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