Jordan’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Set For 2012 Inauguration

amman-jordan-trafficTo unclog Amman’s road arteries, the municipality hopes to bring its state-of-the-art public buses online by next year.

While it’s neighbor brings Better Place electric cars online, a move that may reduce emissions but not congestion, Jordan is instead pursuing a state of the art BRT system for its capital, Amman, the site of several green projects. Emissions reduction will be an important side effect, but Amman’s municipality is mostly concerned to clear out the city’s traffic bottlenecks. The intention to publish tender for the BRT’s second construction phase was announced at a press briefing last week. Plans are also in place to beautify Amman’s streets and improve waste management.

When online, the BRT will span the area between Sports City Circle and Downtown Amman through Wadi Saqra Street, the Jordan Times reports.

With up to 720,000 cars on the road, the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) stated its intention to improve congestion by offering an efficient public transportation system.

The buses will have a carrying capacity of up to 120 passengers and will be allocated exclusive lanes, separated by medians, on both sides of the road. During peak hours, certain lines will have three minute frequency, and fare collection terminals will be available at every station.

Park-n-Ride facilities will also be built.

GAM told the press that in order to properly reduce congestion, 15 multi-storey parking lots would also have to be scattered throughout the city. Currently there are only three, two in Sweifyeh and one in Abdoun, though another is currently being built in Al Naser.

The Wadi Amman project is designed to rehabilitate streets and create green spaces from the Civil Airport in Marka to Prince Hussein Square on Airport Road, and a new waste management cell at the Ghabawi landfill will be built to improve solid waste treatment.

Nearly 50% of the necessary funds were provided by the World Bank.

:: The Jordan Times

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