12 Tips for Saving Water in the Kitchen

faucet with dropHere at Green Prophet we are concerned about the current water shortage. Today we’re sharing 12 water conservation tips for the kitchen that can impact the Middle East.

1. If you use a dishwasher, always fill it completely and choose the fastest setting.

2. When washing by hand, soak to soften the residue, then scrub with a brush or sponge. Only use running water for a final rinse, never as a cleaning tool.

3. Dilute dish detergent in advance and use a small amount so it will dissolve properly. Excess soap goes down the drain or need more water to be rinsed off.

5. Install a sprayer on your faucet. This distributes a smaller amount of water to a larger area.

6. When washing utensils, don’t fill items like glasses, pots and bowls. Tilt them so that the water reaches the sides and bottom.

7. Defrost foods in the refrigerator to avoid soaking.

8. When washing a jar or glass, put in a small amount of soapy water and shake with the cover on. Then transfer the water to the next utensil. Wipe and rinse.

9. Use a minimum of cooking water to retains nutrients and save on cooking time. Pasta needs much less water than the package instructs, just stir frequently.

10. Save cooking water for soups, grains, and bread dough. Don’t reuse water from washing dishes, but water from cleaning vegetables can be reused in the washing machine, toilet or garden. A microwave or pressure cooker retains more moisture than the stovetop or oven.

11. Make one-pot meals (like mejadera) to save on washing.

12. Place dirty pots in the sink to collect used water, instead of soaking them in clean water. In some countries, like in Australia, they use rainwater tanks to gather rainwater. Suppliers like http://supatank.com.au/ assists homeowners to set up a rain catchment system that connects to the bathroom, kitchen and anywhere where water is most needed during the day.

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