A Little glooq Stretches Your Green Reach and Advertising Dollars Via Email

glooq email campaign marketingEnvironmental activists and business people working on green technologies take note: a small application called glooq can be fitted into your email message to help generate eco awareness and sales. It takes a simple email message and turns it into a marketing campaign.

Think about how many more people know about your new wind turbine company or nature conservation project since you’ve built the website and added a link in your signature. Well glooq, in a simple way, takes all that you’ve built and helps you spread specific and meaningful messages to the people who are already reading your emails.

When challenged to generate donor dollars for a non-profit organization, two advertising execs based in Israel built glooq to take advantage of the power of employee emails (See one of the partners Elad Schneor pictured here).

Normally companies hate it when workers spend too much time communicating online. But glooq’s Schneor, originally from the UK, saw it as a way to enlist the organization’s 5,000 employees into marketing worker bees, without them having to do a thing. 

The numbers of emails sent through a glooq campaign stack up: think about every email you send to all your friends, co-workers and clients every day. Rather than a stationary link, glooq is turning your send button and signature space, into an effective marketing tool that can expand your business relationships and your company’s bottom line.

Large multinational companies like Audi, The Holiday Inn, Motorola, and Nissan are already on board, using glooq to reach new clients and maintain existing ones. And advertising agencies such as McCann-Ericsson see glooq’s potential as well.

Makes the messenger a brand ambassador

Essentially what glooq does is use the personal and established contacts inside a company. Through a server within the company — or via a small application downloaded into an individual’s computer — glooq makes sure that every email sent by a company employee carries a timely and targeted message

glooq’s Elad Schneor talks with Green Prophet and explains how his technology can make your business or non-profit’s advertising campaign green and effective:

“The ads we create cover the common space we share like ants. Yes we want to sell but now, when everyone share the sustainability vision isn’t it time we made our advertising greener?” says Schneor.

“I don’t mean advising our brands to donate money for green causes and advertise we do it, whilst polluting our visual space even more.

“I don’t mean buying our Starbucks coffee in a recycled cup and going back to the office and come up with a newest biggest billboard that was ever erected. I mean finding a more creative, less pollution media with which to achieve our marketing goals.”

A Creative Solution in Tough Financial Times

Effective advertising, assures Schneor, can be clean and green. “You just need to be creative in the media you employ. Not a lot to ask right?

A screenshot of how it looks in email client. (But you’d be selling green ideals, not airfare, right?)
email marketing campaign free

“Think about using traditional communication channels and reinforce them as an advertising channel, instead of generating more garbage – even if its in great creative taste. Customers are no suckers. They, like me and you, understand if you try to mess with them and wrap polluting advertising as green.

“This is where glooq comes in. It offers marketers all over the world just that: The technology with which to transform the daily email communication between people into an advertising channel without the need to create more polluting emails in the net. Simple. Think about it- how many emails you send a day, a month, a year?

“An average person sends 30 emails per day. That’s 7,200 emails per year. Simple use these emails to communicate your messages, instead of sending another email campaign that no one reads, everyone gets annoyed by and is costing you a fortune.”

Glooq, which is now expanding to add Twitter and RSS feeds to email as well, can be installed on an email program like Outlook, and is compatible with other programs, including web-based email.

You can also see what links provoke the most interest. The solution includes a feature that allows brand managers to see who’s clicking, and can assess what campaign works the best.

Ready to spread your green message just a little bit further? Visit glooq’s website www.glooq.com to find out how. Let us know in the comment section how it works. And if you’d like to promote Green Prophet stories in your email through glooq, email us to find out how: [email protected]

To read more about glooq, see the story I wrote about glooq on ISRAEL21c.

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