Give Gifts That Are Local, Handmade, and Most Original

ceramic hand crafts photoWhen shopping for gifts for people that we care about, we usually want the gifts to convey a variety of things – affection, devotion, a desire to make the other person happy, and also a demonstration that we care about the other person’s wellbeing.  Giving a gift that is more environmentally friendly is one way to demonstrate that you care about your loved one’s wellbeing because it shows devotion to their present and to their future.

Local and handmade gifts are one type of environmentally friendly gift because they require fewer carbon emissions than a gift that is machine-made and imported from far away.  If it’s local, that means it didn’t have to get on a plane to get to you.  And if it’s handmade, no heavy machinery had to be used.

Last week we featured, an online story full of  local, handmade jewelry.  And this week, for those who want to give other types of local, handmade gifts – we’re introducing you to Most  (The dot com element of these stores also contributes to their “greenness” since it enables them to be open 24 hours a day without operating a store 24 hours a day.)

ceramic gifts photoEmphasis on original.  Check out the “All Nose Ceramic Cup” by Nathan Halpern above, or the blue Baby Pin by Lara Levi to the left.  Other gifts available at the Most Original online store include sculptures, photographs, jewelry, home decor, Judaica, and more.

(But our favorite, by far, is the nose ceramic cup.)

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