Kfar Kalil for Israel Eco-Tourism in the Galilee

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We’ve already written about Israel’s eco tourism industry being developed, and even about new eco study abroad options in Israel for overseas college students who want to make their positive green mark here.

And for the tourists Israelis who want to explore their home in an environmentally friendly way, or bring green living to their everyday lives?  There are lots of green towns in northern Israel, in the Galilee.

Kfar Kalil, in the western Galilee, is a town full of people trying to live simpler lives that are more in touch with nature.  The approximately 50 families living in Kfar Kalil get all of their energy from solar power and practice exclusively organic agricultural practices.

Since the plots of land in Kalil were purchased privately, the houses are spaced relatively far away from each other in order to try to preserve the look of the landscape.

Kalil has a few eco tourism options. Here are my 3 favorites:

kalil eco tourism galilee israel

1. Bein Haruv Le Zayit:

This bed and breakfast is located in Kalil and features a swimming pool with a natural (as opposed to artificial) design, yurts, and a small store with homemade organic soaps.

2. Habayit Betzel Etsei Hazayit:

This collection of three small cabins – the orange house, the earth villa, and the sky villa – overlooks the Galilee mountains and an expansive landscape view.

3. Ohalim:

Ohalim which means “tents” is a venue for workshops and quiet events held in a natural setting.  Its 25 dunam plot faces an ocean view and contains walking paths, meditation areas, and an organic vegetable garden.

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7 thoughts on “Kfar Kalil for Israel Eco-Tourism in the Galilee”

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  2. I red an article about Kliel. But I also read Kalil, Klil etc. Wat is the exact location of this ecological settlement?
    Thank you for the ‘road information’.



  3. Ross says:

    Ben haruv v zayit does have solar panels, having disconnected from the neighborhood generator. Klil is “organic” because of benign neglect. An automobile is imperative, shops and work at least 15 minutes away. The trash gets hauled off and burned. Some households use ponding to treat their waste water, the majority rely on cesspools/tanks. Klil is more anarchic than ecological imo.

  4. Klil is a wonderful place to visit. A few years ago, we stayed at the large cottage at Bein Haruv LeZayit – highly recommended!! Well stocked kitchen, interesting mosaic inlays in the floors, wrap-around porch with wonderful views…
    Klil was off the grid when we were there, and I assume it still is, which means that the residents got by with no electricity, or generated it on site, either by noisy, polluting diesel generators or by alternative means.
    The environmental disadvantage of a place that is off the grid, is that when there is a need for electricity – for example, guesthouses at night or manufacturing – they usually run generators, which pollute tremendously.
    I don’t know whether there is a different system now for providing electricity at night (or even during the day), but if the power is provided by generators, you can decide to go without, and ask your hosts not to operate the generators for you.

    again – HIGHLY recommended. There is at least one straw bale house in Klil, which is large and very attractive from a distance.

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