EcoMum keeps it Green and Sexy!

green sexy lingerieWell the kids are back at school, time to pamper ourselves a little. Being an EcoMum is not all about being knee deep in cloth nappies, eating organic and recycling.

Okay, I admit, I do not spend hours shopping for the new trendy look and yes second hand shops and organic clothing are my buzz words, and yes I am most likely to wear something until it falls apart but heh! whoever said that I couldn’t be sexy too! So here’s a fun way to enjoy ourselves: green sexy knickers!

There are several great companies out there, admittedly not here in Israel but maybe this will get the ball rolling.

Green Knickers (from the UK) offer these wonderfully, fun & sexy knickers, made from a range of different ecominded fabrics such as organic silk, hemp, recycled materials and faritrade organic cotton. The British designers also manufacture locally keeping their knickers “low carbon.”

green sexy lingerieThese wedding knickers are just the best: I just dig the description too.

” With an OLD bow made from reclaimed rags, a NEW pair of organic silky hemp briefs, a jewellery clasp to attach something BORROWED and a BLUE bouquet of roses, this lucky lingerie is all you need on your big day!”

green sexy lingerieAnd just so you don’t think it’s only for us girls why not treat your man to a pair of green boxers, you know it’s the only way to go, Eat Organic!

Well there is “Hope” for us here in Israel, literally. The Hope lingerie store in Rananim Mall in Ra’anana is selling a line of organic cotton briefs from a Brazilian company.

For more sexy looks check out g=9.8 and Enamore.

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3 thoughts on “EcoMum keeps it Green and Sexy!”

  1. At first my reason for searching out organic cotton was medical.

    At only a few weeks old my son developed severe eczema and his pediatrician suggested organic cotton as an alternative to the harsh steroidal creams they wanted to put him on. The search for organic clothing was not easy, and just plain expensive, but I knew his baby skin could not take the harsh chemicals used in regular textiles.

    The more research I did, the more I knew our entire family needed to make a change, for us and the planet.

    That was when I founded Peaceful Disorder, and since it is a family adventure, the prices are very reasonable. ($12-$30) You will probably see the same products in your local boutique for twice as much, I know I did.

    But best of all, after about 6 months of wearing organic, our baby has no sign of eczema.

  2. Sophie Ohana says:

    Heather I appreciate yor point of view but regarding cheap organic clothes it is not really looking at one of the main points of buying organic and that is that you are paying the true price of the product ie. from the farmer, factory worker and sales person, all should be receiving a fair price for their work & products.
    Cheap can actually mean a very high human cost!

  3. Heather says:

    thanks! these are informative and, well, amusing!!! those bows would SHOW under a wedding dress, lol…
    but i like the trend how everything is moving to organic, even our clothing. now if only it were cheap! (not just affordable, there’s a difference!)

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