Israel's Ministry of Environmental Protection to Clean Up the Kinneret

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It’s a drawback to being popular: Litter has become a big problem on the coast of the freshwater Kinneret lake (the Sea of Galilee).

To take charge of the problem, Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Israel Police force and the Kinneret Authority inaugurated a new environmental policing unit to clean up the coast.

The program is called Going for Cleanliness: It’s Our Kinneret. Millions of shekels will be allocated for this project in the next three years.

One of our favorite environmental organizations, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), is getting involved with an educational program for kids. Given Israeli kids’ known penchant for hanging out on the banks of the Kinneret and even throwing slumber parties there, this makes loads of sense and the only mystery is why it hasn’t been done long before this. 

This is all good news, but we’d be really interested to hear which government organization is taking action against the water shortage.

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