The Big Bambu evolving bamboo sculpture that will hold you, in Jerusalem

big bambu climber jerusalem
A travelling art exhibit made from thousands of bamboo poles has landed in Israel. Inviting the public to climb on it, and inside it, this is one rare art installation made from thousands of bamboo poles which encourages people to be part of it. 

Big Bambu is being built by professional rock climbers over a period of about six months.

The Big Bambu art installation will be open come June at the Israel Art Museum in Jerusalem. It was conceived by identical twin artists Doug and Mike Starn. This is not the first time it has been exhibited.


Here’s more about Big Bambu as it was growing on a rooftop in New York. See video below:

Originally featured on the roof of the MOMA in New York, visitors walk on the Big Bambu on elevated bamboo paths, even as a crew continues to build a new part of the structure.

Bamboo is considered a sustainable material, moreso than wood, due to its fast-growing nature. It is also a natural anti-bacterial.

Bamboo is water-resistant and bamboo is extremely durable. Bamboo is used in a lot of ways, all the way from underwear to flooring, windmills and and even as bamboo hijabs!

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The Big Bambú is built of several types of bamboo: a Japanese type called Madake, but also a thin Meyeri bamboo and a thick moso bamboo.

All of the bamboo for the installation was grown in Georgia and South Carolina.

Eventually the sculpture will reach the dimensions of 100 feet long, 50 feet wide, and 50 feet high.

Want to visit the structure in Israel come June? Put on some rubber-soled, close-toed shoes if you want to climb through the structure.

Visitors are able to reconstruct the building process, which was carried out by a special team of mountain climbers, to see how the construction changes over time and to witness the creation of a unique work of art.

Perfect for a summertime activity, see the Big Bambú at the Israel Museum Jerusalem, June 10 to October 1, 2014.

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