Black Cumin: Islam’s Miracle Cure Seed

black-seed-islam-cureWithin Islam there are many herbs, plants and fruits that are believed to have medicinal and healing properties. Olive, pomegranate, dates and figs are amongst those that are directly mentioned in the Qur’an as blessed foods. However, there is only one that can stake a claim as a super food and that is Black cumin or ‘Habbat ul Sawda’ as it is known in Arabic. According to hadith, the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) is believed to have said: “In the black seed is healing for every disease except death.” (Sahih Bukhari)

Indigenous to the Mediterranean region, the black seed plant (Nigella Sativa) has been used medicinally by Muslims and non-Muslims alike for hundreds of years. In fact the earliest written reference to the black cumin is in the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament where Isaiah talks of the harvesting of the black seed. It was also mentioned in the Bible as the curative ‘black seed’ and has been used by Asian herbalists and the Romans for culinary purposes. However it never really held any place of importance until the rise of Islam.

A Cure For All Things

Within Arabo-Islamic culture, the black seed has been prescribed for various ailments including fever, asthma, chronic headaches, diabetes, digestion, back pain, infections and rheumatism. In fact, since its rise in popularity in the Seventh century the black seed has remained a staple of family medicine within the Muslim world. The black seed is believed to have 100 components and is a significant sources of fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Whenever I get a cold or flu, the first things that gets added to my hot drinks is black cumin and although it leaves no taste in the drink- the trick is to chew the seeds rather than just swallow them whole. They have a slightly bitter and peppery taste but nothing too strong so it is a relatively pain-free medicine. My mother constantly tells me about its amazing properties and it seems that there science out there to back it up.


A Revival In Natural Medicine

Black seed has been scientifically proven to demonstrate strong anti-bacterial, antioxident, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties which support its claims to be of medicinal value for various ailments. There was also interesting studies carried out which found that black cumin had inhibitory effects on carcagins and was also helpful for fighting tumours.

A rise interest of Mediterranean cuisine and herbs has highlighted the uses of the black seed which seems to be enjoying a revival in popularity across the Muslim world and in the west. It has been introduced to recipes and is even an ingredient in Evoca cola which is also known as ‘Islam Cola’.

Black seed can also be used as a spice and particularly as a substitute to pepper- although with its additional properties it really does give flavour with added health benefits.

Top image via D Jabi and lower image via Seelensturm.

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31 thoughts on “Black Cumin: Islam’s Miracle Cure Seed

  1. Mrs. Nadeem

    Assalam o Alaikum

    I really want know the use of this black seeds for the cure of Bronchial Asthma.
    How we should use and in which way.

    Waiting for your answers.

    Wa Salam

  2. Munir

    Assalam alaykm. I think people that are asking about how to use the black caraway, they shouldn’t do so. if we can recall from the story of prophet musa and his ppl who were asked to slaughter a cow. So let me make it short and precise, the black caraway can be used as it pleases you.

  3. salih

    Assalamu alaikum varh…
    how r u all?

    how to use Black Cumin per day? for which types of disease be solve?
    can we use normally?


    • brindha

      U can consume everyday.3 teaspoon. It cures all diseases
      It prevent hairfall, increase hair growth.. i cures even AIDS.
      Dr. NIha Binthi Raheem

  4. Saada Al Naamani

    Asalam Alaikum, Alhamdulillah and thanx to all of u for sharing this am using da black cumin to treat/remove da galstone i take it on empty stomach early morning after an hour or so i start getting sore throut feeling dizzy and like i have eaten something and its stuck on my throut. Anyone experienced dis? Dis is my 4th day. i decided to siever it b4 taking will i get da same results?

    • brindha

      In the beginning i felt the same..but in course of time it will b ok. instead of seed u can take black cumin cures fast.

  5. Mufly

    I surely can say that Black Cumin has been used in the period of prophet
    Muhammed(sal).He has said that it has a medicine for every disease.

    cure for the GALL STONE has been recorded in the Bukhary.
    1.Make the black cumin into powder
    2.Mix it with honey
    3.Drink it with Hot Water

  6. Hussain

    Assalamu alaikum wo rahematullah,

    Plzz could some1 suggest me the amount of Black seeds that can be taken daily? How many can we chew daily 4 to 5?
    How many black seeds to be used if used for bowling (hot water drink)
    Please i would be thankful if sum1 suggest me the same… Thanks

    Salaamu alaikum wo rahematullah

  7. Aliaz

    Blackseed or black cumin seed are the same
    It’s just how people prefer to call it.
    Defenetly not coriander .as you can see on the picture
    They are very dark black.

  8. Fatimah Gana-Mahmoud

    Salam, please is this black seed the same as the coriander? I have the green one. Thank you.

  9. Ali


    these are small black seeds of the Love-in-a-Mist plant. Sometimes they are confused with “onion” seeds or black cumin or caraway. The seeds are deep black and sharp-cornered.

    In other languages:

    English = Nigella, love-in-a-mist, fennel flower, black cumin, black caraway, black coriander, black seed English, Old (also in King James Version of the Bible) = Fitch
    Finnish = Neidonkuka
    French = Cheveux de venus, Nigelle or Faux cumin
    German = Schwarzhuemmel, later protvurz or brotchrut
    Greek, Ancient = Melánthion or meláspermom
    Hebrew = Ketzah
    Hindi and Urdu = Kalonji
    Indian = Nutmeg flower
    Italian = Nigela
    Persian = Schonaiz
    Sri Lankan = Kaladuru



  10. Sarah

    I use nigella seeds often in my cooking, on flat bread, yogurt and even fritters. Mixed with breadcrumbs and sesame seeds, it is a wonderful coating for schnitzel.

  11. Ibrochicas

    To Allah alone belong all the Glory. HE is indeed Lord of the universe. To all diseases, there is a CURE. What are the various method of using the black seed. I think that will help us to appreciate the seed more and also know how well ALLAH LOVES US. You can mail me

  12. Um Yasin

    Al salam ou alikom,

    Black Seed is a truley emazing herb subhana allah. Very good sister that you poke this topic.

    One of the most important point to be made about Black seed is that it should be taken regularly. In this way, the many nutritional and healing properties contained in the seed can help build the body’s immune system over a period of time.

    You are welcome to visit my wesite about blackseed incha allah

  13. Miriam Kresh

    I like to sprinkle black seed – nigella sativa – on flatbread dough before baking the bread. Delicious. As a medication, I found that tea made with black seed increased breast milk.


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